What do you think makes your music unique?

I don’t know if this has been asked before but here goes!

What is it about your music that makes it your music?

For me, it’s the increasing usage of what i like to call ‘transcendent progressions’. In a way, the chords put off a divine energy that makes my music special.

also my abuse of pianos lol



Idk…only two people here really listen to my music, so I don’t really know what’s makes my music… my music… ya know?

Umm I guess the genre? Dark Drum and Bass, that isn’t really common in the Auxy community

My name is Indirect for a reason. I want to be the Auxy artist that is known for trying things, branching out, and expirementing. Yeah, I really enjoy future bass and I feel that I’m pretty good at it, but I want to branch out to as many genres as possible. So yeah, that’s what I think makes my music unique.

And percussion;) y’all seem to be enjoyin my percs recently lol

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i’onno :man_shrugging:

I cry because I feel I’m just another future bass producer :joy: not unique at all
All these fancy pants synthwave and lofi producers be takin over the world rn lol, how in the world could I compare to those?!?

Guess I better start getting serious;)

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Neither unique nor common. I’m right in between, and on both ends of the spectrum at the exact same time!


I am probably unique right now because I use a lot of electric old music. I am a trance producer, and that is old. If it was 10 years ago, then I would not be unique at all.

Okay maybe I make regular techno songs.


Definitely unique in terms of production.

My ultimate goal for my songs is to give some nostalgia to the early 2000s, with it’s classic trance that everyone’s familiar with while utilizing modern flavors of other genres, while avoiding modern EDM trends as to avoid the staleness of my music.

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Insert self-deprecating joke here


Hey, that’s MY line!!!


I am but a humble future bass producer (or so my comments say). I have a ways to go before I begin my path to ingenuity.


Unique? Probably not. lol
I strive to be ‘authentic’ which may be a pretentious way of sayin’ “not all that good.” :man_shrugging:t2:

I try to suck in a way that is purely my own, thanks.


@tictacto had this idea like 6 hours before you and you replied to it. This thread isn’t unique.



I like to think I am…
But no, no I am not

If someone is unique then you are XD

It isn’t the same, I’m asking if you think you are unique, nexus is asking why your music is unique

I make lo-fi. Literally the least unique genre there is… sounds good tho.