What do you guys use to make cover art/logos?

What apps or software do you guys use to make your cool logos and cover art? Hoping to make a sweet one like yours…

Canva, picsart and assembly


Canva.com & pixlr.com

I used to use a simple paint program on the iPad to produce the smudging effects I’ve used on pretty much all my cove artwork for James Lucien. However, starting with E/E, I’ve used Canva. It’s easier but I feel like I’m not being as creative.

uhh iphoto. the free photo app i put on my phone

Assembly with Google Draw

I just use Pixr Cause it’s free and I’m poor

I’d use GIMP if:

  1. I knew how to actually use it, and
  2. I would release anything
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Trigraphy, Over and Canva.

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I use a crap ton. Like I think 8 of them.
and Glitch Photos
(And sometimes Apple’s filters.)

Awesome, guys. I’ll look into these

Used canva a bunch, moved to Inkscape and now I use affinity.

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I also use gimp, but I messed with the code abit

Over, Pixlr, Photoshop Express.

You don’t mean…

assembly :heart_eyes:


I use Gimp as it’s easy to learn how to use it and can do basically anything. :smiley:

Gimp or canva or assembly?

I vote Gimp:)

Inkscape. Free professional vector editing software. The best you can find. Period.

I use Canva, PicsArt, PhotoFunia, and LunaPic.