What do you guys think about this? (SoundCloud)

I’m pointing at the top where it says “41% of free uploads used”. I want to make a lot more tracks in the future, plus I don’t have a job yet, so I don’t know what to do with this. I almost used half of it already. Also the “Try Pro Unlimited” only popped out a few days ago, so it’s fairly recent. You can’t see that bar on the SoundCloud app itself, but when I went to the website version in order to make custom genre, I was dismayed as heck. What do you guys think? The first thing I thought of was to make multiple emails, but then it would be tedious to handle. I’m just very melancholic that the very accessible website now has limitations. Sorry for the long rant. :cookie::eye::lips::eye:

Idk maybe delete the songs that you don’t like?

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I usually take down songs that I don’t like or aren’t good enough. you could take down some songs but only if you want too

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I deleted some old beats to save up more time because the more you delete your worst beats, the more time you have left in the status bar.

thanks for the answers. Yes, I really could delete some songs, it’s possible.

Remember private tracks count as upload time too. I have 95% of my upload time used strictly because I have about 45 tracks that are private. Make sure to go through those if you have any:)

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Can you post a private playlist of some of em?


Yeah I get it bruh.

Actually yeah, you can. People can listen just can’t comment or like. Here is some of my old tracks.

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Let’s get an vol.2?