What did you guys get for Christmas? (2018)


weird shaped guitar :open_mouth: :drum:


The guitar seems normal to me



My dad got a piano and I think my mom also got a piano for us. :laughing:


The Auxy shirts are so sick, I wish I could buy one


I don’t need too much processing power for what I’ll be using it for, but that’s still a valid point


New, yet not bluetooth, headphones


I got a ton of stuff! The most notable things are an AKAI midi keyboard and a Novation Launchpad. I’m hypeeeeddddd

Hope everybody had a merry Christmas and I hope everybody also has a happy new year!


Corded headphones are better in my opinion.


That’s awesome. Especially the Novation launchpad.


For sure, if you’re using them while writing a track BT gonna be a nightmare. It doesn’t matter AS MUCH in Auxy since there’s no midi in or playing surface, but when you start using a controller or working with any kind of live input it’s just not a good experience.


Yeah, I have a wireless JBL E45BT headset that I use for composition. There’s almost no latency.


Wireless or Bluetooth though? I had a pair of wireless cans back in the day and latency was basically nil. They connected to big transceiver. Bluetooth is really the problem protocol :confused:


there are a good number of wireless headphones that have next to no latency, but the the current sound quality between corded and wireless headphones still goes to wired.


I got another helicopter pad, a golden tux, advanced-release PS5 and some socks.


Daaaaaang, socks? man who cares about that other stuff, you got some socks?


i got a novation launchkey midi keyboard, headphones, a new ipad case, socks, and some money… it was a pretty solid christmas


Bluetooth. There’s a cord that came with them though, which is useful sometimes.


Nice - yeah I had a decent pair a few years back that were BT with a cord override. It was nice to have options.


Some clothes, money, and a Switch heh