What did you guys get for Christmas? (2018)


A pair of littty studio monitors to contribute to my mini desk studio :fire:


I found my presents in the basement, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and ultra moon, my hero academia once’s justice for Xbox one, zedd merch, red bubble stickers,and a mystery shirt


The regular MacBook isn’t a good value right now considering that it doesn’t have multiple ports or Touch ID, both of which I’d use. The MacBook Pro isn’t worth the extra money for me, even though the Touch Bar is pretty cool :man_shrugging:


Fair enough. Its on sale rn too if I remember correctly. It’s like $200-300 off I think


For Christmas I got the awnser to 0 divided by 0.


Not sure yet, can’t open my presents until everyone gets up.


I gots ableton 10 live suite :sunglasses: yes maam


NOICE my dood!!


A sense of pride and accomplishment

Also a bunch of sweaters.


4000 index cards.




Auxy shirt





I got my subscription back!

Instead of getting an itunes gift card, my dad let me renew my subscription by using his credit card


Mate, don’t buy anything but the Pro.
MacBook Air doesn’t have much processing power or good RAM.


Santa has been!

I dropped hints all year that I wanted a guitar.
Can’t wait to unwrap my presents!


Ooh that looks like a nice guitar! :joy:




I wonder what it could be.
I think its a guitar.