What did you guys get for Christmas? (2018)


If you don’t, somebody will.

What did ya get for Christmas Of 2018?

I got a Nintendo Switch (that’s arriving soon) and a toy muscle car.

Keep in mind that I will make a 2018 highlights on the last day of 2018 (12-31-2018). Stay tuned!


Hmm, guess I should’ve waited another 12 hours.


The joy of giving. :slight_smile:


I don’t have anything yet.

I hope one of my relatives gives me an itunes gift card with $140.




That is a very, very specific amount lol…


I got a nice big bottle of Goldschlager c/o the missus, mixes well with black coffee. I got a totally slammin hat you folks will be seeing in a couple weeks and I’ve no idea what the jolly guy has brought me yet :santa: hopefully some Pocket Operators or if I’ve been especially good an OP-Z.


Christmas is tomorrow.

(i had to say it i know time zones exist)


So far I got about $130. I plan on putting it towards a MacBook Air.


I’ll get back to you on that in a bit… :skull::joy:


Sprite cranberry


i got NOTHING simply because the christmas isnt being celebrated here :frowning:


Our parents basically just let us pick out our own gifts so I think I’m gonna buy either a midi keyboard or Serum :stuck_out_tongue:


thats a good way to do it


I asked the fat man for some camera gear.


Matter of personal preference here but uh

pick serum


its christmas for me lol
it’s 10:38 in the morning


Nice. any reason to get an air as opposed to another comp (apple or not)?


I originally read that as you asked for a fat man from Fallout


Not Christmas yet. Got about 1/2 the day left.
I only know that my bro got me some firecracker type stuff because he needed my ID to pay for them (didn’t realize u needed to be 18+ to get them lol)

Sorry to just shoehorn this in but the 3 reply limit. @Andrew_Adams I’d say get serum. U could prob just pick up a cheaper keyboard used