What are your plans with music in the Future?


What are your plans for the future with music? Go mainstream? Become a DJ? Create music for movies and games? Create a business? Tell us down below!


While it would be fun to get out there and do shows, I’m honestly more on the side of making OSTs and just songs that people enjoy!

But I’m not saying I wouldn’t do shows… :smirk:


What are osts?


Original SoundTracks


Oh okay. Well yeah @Maland2016 do whatever comes ur way and benefits u or the passion. I’m just gonna take what I can get while in the mena time trying to gain my way up the ladder to one day do gigs


I hope to one day do shows and/or DJ for local gigs, Although Im no where near that level yet. So, for the more near future, i hope to get ableton and a launchpad, and i hope to get on spotify, and of course grow in my music making abilites.


Probably behind the scenes studio production or similar- that would be sweet (I’m too self-conscious to play gigs)


I doubt I’ll have many options to progress much further in the music world. Maybe soundtracks to horror movies that will never exist. Idk I’ll probably just make hundreds of tracks for no reason beyond I just personal enjoyment.


Ghost produce for david guetta :new_moon_with_face:


I’m going into film scoring and vgm.


You could try expanding your genre. Dubstep might be hard to do in Auxy, but there’s Trap, DnB, and Hardstyle. All really hard-hitting genres. And Ambient is nice for soundscapes.


Experimentation can alwasy endeavour something useful or succesfull. I see potential in u if u keep messing around with music. Maybe u could become a sound fix designer for movies and games if r not string on a full song structure


All that sounds pretty fly to me, but I wouldn’t have the slightest idea on how to go about presenting a portfolio for something like that. I’m angsty when it comes to reaching out to foreign entities (making phone calls gives me cold sweats)


I say give it a shot man people love experimentation.


Be like Rogue. Still doing stuff, really successful, (he just made music for Rocket League), and started in like 2011. Hard work PAYS OFF


Rocket league is my favorite game.


Ps4 or PC?


I’m not a hardcore gamer, Xbox. I wish I had it for PC


i wanna make beats for the top rappers and singers in music, as well as promote some more underground artists and hopefully help them get into the mainstream. the other option is to become somewhat famous on some livestream lofi hip hop radio thing and get a lot of clout, then become a rapper and rap on my own beats


Would u ever ghost produce?