What are your criteria for an SC repost? (And are you reposting enough?)

Recent observations have made me wonder if, as a community, we are reluctant to Repost a track, even if we think it’s particularly good, and if so, why?

What are your criteria for giving an SC Repost?


Why am I asking?

Note: this thread is not about trying to get more Reposts for any of my stuff. Really.

So I posted a track on SC (and here) three days ago, which has received a some really positive comments from some here.

It currently stands at 90 plays, 22 Likes – and 2 Reposts.
Tbh, the number of Reposts disappoints me a little, given how good some of the feedback has been. But, mostly it surprises me.

Comments like “Awesome”, “Amazing job <3”, “Great track!” and “Just Perfect!” simply haven’t translated into Reposts.

I’m not saying my track is unusual in this way. Just got me wondering if we, as a community, are reluctant to Repost a track, even if we think it’s particularly great – and, if so, why?


Usually I’m reposting stuff in a similar style I’d write. The main landing page for your profile contains tracks and reposts so I think I’m shooting for cohesion. Good question though


If I like it a lot, I’ll probably repost it. I don’t repost a lot after releases, though.


Personally I’m not a fan of reposting, so I don’t repost anything. I find it annoying, particularly on SC Mobile, when I go to a particular user’s profile to listen to their music, but end up listening to tonnes of stuff from other artists. Often stuff I’m not particularly into. That’s SC’s fault for not giving better filtering options (on the desktop you can filter by uploaded tracks only, if you remember to do so before starting listening). But as a result I just don’t repost. I prefer that, if someone visits my account and listens to my music, they hear my music.

All of that said, I reserve the right to change my mind in the future. Especially if SC stop dumping reposts in with my tracks.



You all raise interest points…


I understand that Reposts are part of your brand with your audience. (It’s a point I was going to make in the OP.) Even, though you may really like a track, if it isn’t what you’ve built an audience around, then it may be a bad fit — potentially harming your reputation as a source for good ‘Genre X’ music.

I guess I perhaps feel less inhibited as my own stuff is quite varied, so anyone who follows me directly may be more open to a broader range of recommendations coming through from my stream.


That’s interesting and something I hadn’t consider before.
As you suggest, releasing so close after followers have released something naturally limits the chances of a Repost from those makers, as they’ll naturally want to keep the focus on their own material at that time.

I’m sure this is amplified the higher the profile of that follower goes, relative to one’s own.

Perhaps I’m damaging my own exposure by Reposting as often as I do, without thinking how it could impact the attention my own tracks get.

Not sure there’s a solution to this one, given how frequently many here release something.

Hmmm. :thinking:


Indeed. SC on tablet/mobile is actually a bad experience, imo. Interesting to know how it’s impacting on one of its own key sharing mechanisms.
(I’m somewhat shielded from it because I rarely use it on tablet/mobile compared to desktop. (When I do use it on tablet/mobile, I always use the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option, which helps make it ‘a bit less sh*t’.)


A few months ago, I was under the impression that likes skewed the related tracks, which was an impression I had when listening to my own music on SC. As a result, I only reposted songs I would “like”, and comment on them. However, now I know that having a lot more likes and listening to songs on SC (which I need to do more of) fixes this. Not only this, but the related tracks I see are not the same as a different user, so I now like without hesitation.

In terms of what I do now, I usually repost songs I either like a whole lot or are songs that my friends make. Often the case this is true for both (like with @Stigmo’s newest release :DD). I also make sure to repost any songs I had contributed to, such as my release on eXodus Chamber or my collabs with Moemx and Hexx (which were uploaded by them). I repost for the sake of showing support.

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Same. I like to keep my SC profile organised and keep it exclusively for my own music.
There’s a ton of music out there which do deserve reposts though, but I just don’t do it, how arrogant that may sound…
That is also why I really appreciate it when people repost my stuff (yes thank you @TheRealJFalc :grinning:)


<Not an endorsement for SC, just comments on my experience>

If you have Soundcloud pro you can pick 5 tracks to “spotlight” which get pinned to the top of your page.
Reposts get posted below those.

I didn’t repost much before I got pro because I was concerned about building my brand.
Now I don’t worry about that as much. The latest releases that I want to promote stay on top and someone really needs to scroll down to see my reposts.

Reposting things you like are a great way to build an audience, the more you repost, the more likely you are to get reposted your self. Which, of course, increases your exposure.

I also found you get more if you just ask. You have nothing to lose.

Sounds like you’ve got a fair idea of how it works from paying closer attention.
Would be great if you could create a post detailing what you know about that.

I’m sure many here, including myself, would be interested to know.

Good to know. :wink:

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This has always been my thinking, erring on the side of more than less, trusting that my own followers will appreciate my taste in music other than my own.

Of course, I’ve nothing to point to how well it works for me (or against).

I guess a decent benchmark for how these things might translate is to look at the success of label channels and promo channels – comparing genre-specific labels and channels to their more broad-ranging alternatives.

Not sure what you’re asking xD Basically when you check out your own song, the related tracks are your most recent likes. I thought this was the case for everyone, but it turned out that a small volume of likes seemed to have caused this. In addition, being logged in to your own account or not listening to many songs on soundcloud caused this to happen.

If you’re asking what I know about paying closer attention, I just know it’s important to not miss any crucial details. I’ve often suffered or made problems since I didn’t know the full story or missed a small detail. And so I took steps to change that. Nowadays I just miss the big details as a result sometimes xD

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Just trying to get a better understanding of the algorithms SC uses to promote (my) music in the ‘Related tracks’, ‘The Upload’ and ‘stations’ sections – and how listeners’ behaviour (and mine) plays a role.

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Ah xD I have no idea how it actually does it, it seems like the problem I was noticing was due to the fact that I was listening to my own tracks and looking at the related tracks logged into my own account.

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if it makes me say something out loud other than “ew” i will repost it


I need to make a track where I’m chanting the word ‘mango’ to the music just to test this out


Clutter. Plain and simple.

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@akabillposters I used to but not anymore.Because i don’t have sc premium and i don’t have that spotlight tracks thing so whenever i repost something my songs are not visible at the first glance in my profile and due to that i get less likes and listens on my songs.(But you really deserve a repost on what i feel so ill just repost it now).


People like to keep their sc track list clean and exclusively theirs however they’ll still repost but after like two days they’ll un repost. Personally I think that’s fine.