Welcome To Ibiza-Tropical Remake

Hello to all! I have finally posted a new song!

After three weeks since I haven’t posted a song, here it is! I’ve tried to look at other users tracks to see what I’m missing to get better at making my tracks but I think I’ll get there one day.

I’ll also be making an introduction about myself on YouTube and how I got interested in music. This should help why I’m so poorly creative when it comes to music. Oh well.

The song was a remake off of DJ Tiesto song. (He does not use auxy, this was years ago.) I’ve remade (on auxy) it and put a few kinks into the song. I will put the original song down also.

YouTube: DJ Tiesto-Welcome to Ibiza

SoundCloud: Welcome To Ibiza-Tropical Remake

Hope you guys have a great day! :+1:t2:

I was going to do this post earlier but the auxy website closed and I didn’t get to post this on time. Please if you can, give me in information why this happened. Thank you.

Edit- Also @MR_ANDERSON how do you get your music to sound extremely good? It could help out for some new people on auxy to.