We need to fix the forums!


The forum is definitely welcoming for the music production aspect, but it’s also a lot more boring and quiet. Giving the right to post on any topic will make this place a lot more engaging and interesting. The meme thread specifically doesn’t need to come back, but off-topic discussion in general shouldn’t be a bad thing for a community. As I’ve said before, any discussion is still a discussion, and the reason forums like this exist.


I do totally understand. But
I dont quite understand how a #random section makes this community unwelcoming.At the time it was looking like it was working out pretty greatly.And i had a lot of fun spending time on this site back at the time.It was a lot more enjoyable.Now this site just feels dead.

A thriving community needs a little bit of variety

And that is the reason that some of the community members think that this community is dying and its not like what it used to be.

We lack variety


I think Lenberg is saying what he wants the disco to be. not necessarily what would make there be more attendants. In other words if you want memes download iFunny and subscribe to pewdiepie. If you want to just discuss random stuff find a random Discourse but this one is made specially for auxy users discussing auxy things with other auxy users.

There is a small percent chance that I’m wrong however.




Not this:


Ok yeah sure, but those are both valid answers no?
Just depends on the complexity of what you’re looking for and music is subjective to everyone.
I could like pop music and just say 4 chords and a catchy melody and say that makes a good song. Maybe it’s generic, but it’s what I would define a good song.

Also that battery life tho


I think your point is pretty weak.

Take real life communities as an example.In my university i am in Higher engineering community.

We do projects,robots,drones and all that kind of stuff.That is what that community is for and we are a strong community.Ill tell you why.As much as we do engineering we do trips,meetings,parties and all that other FUN Activities.The leaders of the community could have said this is just an engineering community.We do not do the other fun activities in here just engineering.The community never could have become as succesfull as it is now.The community wouldnt be in the top community list of our University.


School is a place to learn things, but it doesn’t mean you can only be there to learn. You can have fun with friends, teachers, and have options to do other things besides just Learn, despite that being the purpose of school.

I feel like the disco could and should be the same. It should focus on music and Auxy, but it should also have room for people to relax and stretch out a bit too.

Lol me and @Sylent just kinda wrote the same thing



@El1011 Yeah i just realised that too lol :smiley:


You “feel” that is kinda the problem here xD

It isn’t about what you feel it should be it’s about what lenberg wants it to be. And I can say that 100% off of one fact… he owns it.


We never said its not lenbergs choice of course it is.
We are just arguing if the decision lenberg made is wrong or not!
And as a part of this community that is our right to argue that!

Also this is not arguing as a user of this community we are giving feedback we are sharing our thoughts about the decisions about this com.


And we don’t see that as the best vision for the Disco and If the activity around here since V5 has said anything, our statements are valid.


He made his choice though. Why “beat the dead horse” further?

If I may ask of course.

Don’t get me wrong I’m on your side I just think though it kinda sucks it’s the way it should be.


well, change doesn’t come from people accepting the current norm.


First of all, I’m very glad to see you being present on the thread. Always nice to have the man himself give his input on things as well as taking into account other opinions. :slight_smile:

There are a couple things that I think are worth addressing here regarding the forum and future options for how to remedy some of the problems we’ve been seeing.

I can’t say with 100% certainty the exact amount of time that some of these changes would take, but the majority of the suggestions wouldn’t appear to take huge amounts of effort and resources. And since you’re primarily a developer of the app, not a community manager, it might be in your interest to recruit a couple more members to be volunteer janitors and help keep the forum clean (to keep up with the possibly increased… entropy :wink:).

As said before, I was and continue to be in favor of a lot of the off topic random threads that “spammed” (for lack of a better word) the forum in general.

However, it’s worth noting that the Auxy Discourse community is not necessarily at the userbase where purely music-production related posts are plentiful enough that they makes up an active and consistent stream of new topics and discussion. Even on the most prominent posts (the Auxy Update threads, for example) receive an average of 50-60 likes. Most topics / posts receive 10-20 on a good day. Not a fault of the community, but a statistic to keep in mind when determining what kind of filter we want to set as far as content from the users.

I’m not necessarily sure that bringing back the memes thread would be the best idea, but as far as less purely chaotic off topic posts, this would be another issue that would be easily solved (at least in part) by recruiting more volunteer janitors to help clean up.

Just some food for thought. :wink:


A community is all about what the members feel, I don’t think that the more Authoritarian view point that you have represents a true community. People commune in a community over their feelings about the community


As a lot of you may have noticed ( @NotMiles @AzureOnyx @Tree @Southborne @Cornea @Insolidarity )
I made a topic named DxdiAg Bbffggfgg or something of that matter.
This was a fricking test of mod responsibity.


and it just proved that the community is broken. I’m surprised the post stayed up SO long.


I saw


Thus is the state of our dear disco