We need to fix the forums!


This is the directory. Mind you, a good number of these servers are inactive, as brought up before.


Thank you so much for making many things clear.
I know I’m a nitpicking person, and I couldn’t tell if the “active community” is all we want.
I just want to help other users with effective solutions.


No problem ^w^ I’m sure that it’s important to take a step back sometimes and get the big picture, which isn’t always easy.


Well, I actually see the point of some implementation, but this is towards my image of good community, so, I was not sure. I… need… logic…

About holding tournaments. I think it’s really nice way to make many user active and interactive, which will induce more casual music related discussions. That’s definitely what we need. I really hope it works.

And, dat meme thread… As a person who spent damn long time in that thread, i can say that thread doesn’t make my music better at all lol, but maybe it’s effective to make casual relationships among users , which will probably lead to open discussion and collaboration easier. However, if the meme thread itself make serious users uncomfortable and not suitable for the concept of this community, we should come up alternative, which helps the user relationships intimate.

Super personal opinion

(Super personal opinion, but sometimes I fed up with memes which is not related to Auxy, as I tried to make only Auxy related meme. …maybe it’s same for others though😂)

And aka, maybe I have never discussed with him directly, but it seems he made lots of good threads and comments to make music discussion active, which I miss about. Yet mods needed to decide which is important, inducing discussion or protecting other users from his negativity… very sad story…
I respect the decision of mods, and now ranting (?) instead of aka, to make this community better.


Although I don’t fully agree on “lenberg said that, so we are gonna be fine” thing, I will stop complaining others if everyone feel relieved and happy and optimistic about the future of this community. My priority is other Auxian happiness.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean I don’t believe LenB, if I say “he will do something so we are fine” , I feel like I push all the responsibilities to him to manage this community, while maybe we can do something to make the situation better. I believe the bright future anyway though.




Brb gonna link something

The reply that got him suspended


To be fair a lotta of the points he made were right imo. I don’t think a ban is the correct response but it makes enough sense.

this discussion of aka can end here if its a sensitive subject


Oh my load… how dare I missed this important discussion… thanks for sharing!

From my perspective, LenB and FreD are professional engineers, not professional moderators for running community.
(So hiring MM and ICS for mods(volunteer?) was very wise move imo. And I can see they are trying their best to make everything around Auxy better.)

That being said, I like those two people, and I don’t want to push all the responsibilities at them to do something on this community… it seems too much…


New phone who dis.

All kidding aside, the most outspoken people aren’t doing it to be hard asses. They really, really like the app. They want to see it flourish, they want to see it do well and they want it to be central to their workflow.

It’s when people DON’T care that they just don’t say anything in keep their mouths shut. So in that respect, yeah you can look at what AKA wrote as inflammatory or whatever, but it comes from a place of true desire to see the app be the best it can.


That’s what I saw too. He doesn’t hate auxy he was upset because he liked it.
That doesn’t excuse whether or not what he said was right… but he wasn’t dissing auxy because he hates it


I didn’t kick him out because of any specific post and I obviously don’t have anything against negative feedback. AKA contributed a lot of though-through feedback that was certainly valuable for both Auxy and the community. The problem was that he went to such great lengths to argue that we were doing things the wrong way. He was great at making his arguments sound valid, which made it very time consuming for me to explain our reasoning. I asked him kindly several times over DM to turn things down a notch but the reply was always along the lines of “I can say whatever I want and you need to deal with it”. So at some point I just got fed up with spending time on him instead of more productive things for taking Auxy forward.


For example, here’s a rant about us not updating the Wikipedia entry:

One reason that we’re not updating the page is simply this:

You are discouraged from writing articles about yourself or organizations (including their campaigns, clients, products and services) in which you hold a vested interest.

From the Wikipedia FAQ.

Besides, it makes no sense for us to spend our limited resources on updating Wikipedia entries and I could write a long essay about why that is.

Seriously! I would think that someone who makes music would be more concerned about the app crashing or making terrible sounds than the lack of social media updates.

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I get it.
It is sad though considering he was one of the most active members in the disco.


Thanks for this thoughtful post and all the positive efforts that you and other community members have made to make this place great in general!

I’ve been reading through all the comments in this thread and thought about different perspectives. I’m tempted to write a longer piece about communities in general and music making communities specifically. I used to work at SoundCloud and a lot of the issues that are mentioned here were also common there.

For Auxy Disco specifically, the main concern for us is value vs. effort. If/when we decide to invest in something, it also means that we’re investing less in something else. It’s easy to say that “community should be done this way, marketing should be done this way, and product should be done that way”. In reality you only have a limited set of resources and an infinite list of things you want to get done. Thus you have to prioritize, and in order to do so you have to think twice about which effort will help you get closer to your goals.

When you build something from scratch, you need to try things in order to know if/how they work. BTC is a good example. From running these competitions, we’ve learned what kind of challenges people like, and we’ve found a whole bunch of awesome producers through their submissions. On the other hand, each BTC has seen around 200 submissions, which is only a small fraction of the total number of Auxy users.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I guess I’m trying to give you a better understanding for how we view things and why we invest in certain things and not others.

In the case of BTC, we’re now in a place where we know that it works on a certain scale, but we need to make it bigger for it to be worth the continuous investment. So we’ve shifted our focus from running BTCs onto creating something bigger and better. Just to give one example…


The main reason we killed off any random and off topic discussions is that we wanted to make the forum more welcoming for anyone with an interest in Auxy and music production specifically. As much as I like memes, our intention has never been to make a chat room for meming teens.



Indeed! Although the problem is that we had a lot of issues with people feeling harassed and upset about stuff, and it wasn’t sustainable for me to spend all my time moderating a forum full of meming.


I think that having #random category free will cause no harm.After all this community is for music creation and people join this community because they use auxy and are involved in music.So i dont think the random section will get out of its line because of the people in the community.They are here for music creation and auxy so there will be memes and random stuff about those.Even though its not i dont think it will harm the community.


I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear enough but the point I was just trying to make was that we have tried this and it didn’t work.