We need to fix the forums!


With that being said…

@aUstin_Haga or @Produk if either of you are interested in breathing life into this community, I’d say you have a much better chance than others as to setting up an official or at least large competition on the forums due to your popularity. Why not take the initiative yourselves and come up with something? I’d really like to see what either of you could help contribute. And no this isn’t an attack, it’s a genuine suggestion to try and align your views on the forum situation so you’ll be satisfied with the results.


You are a hero


I used to do that too but then I got lazy and school existed : P


Also fwiw i think the janitors got bored and started nitpicking certain users, myself included


somehow i haven’t gotten a dm from them about what i said to cornea lmao

btw sry @Cornea i got really carried away there


Tbh people just go along with the mob, if you look at the memeing has ended thread most replies are positive. Granted most of the people that replied are over 18…


is cool but plz don’t call me chip


Werent you positive when the memeng ended


He has joined the meme side


Like positive about … All my forum games being turned to rubbish :expressionless:


lol aight


Err I don’t remember that. wat happened


I actually was disappointed it ended as far as I can recall :\


Does someone remember that mod made a survey type thread to get feedbacks to forum? With questions like “what do you enjoy most/least on this forum?” with multiple answers?

(And there was a story of that thread owner used emoji for the first time for the thread)

I’m curious how that feedback reflected to the forum now.

Not this one to clarify What do you like most in the Auxy Feed?


Forum Tournament is being birthed soon


Instead of waiting for the forum tournament why don’t you take initiative (like you’re telling us to do I may add) and host some sort of competition yourself to get people’s attention? Kinda like you did back in the day with “Beat The Duck”. I promise to actually do a real remix this time as well ;3


If we fix this, I think we have to clearfy why “inactive community” is bad.

A. promotion doesn’t work as it did before?
B. you can’t discuss music related topic actively?
C. you can’t get helpful tips or knowledge for your music creation?
D. inactive community leads decrease of Auxy user which may leads end of Auxy itself?

I think those are different problems, and they need different solutions.
It also means even the forum became active again, it might not solve some problems.
For example, if mods revived the meme thread, old and new users stay long amount of time in forum, which could make the community “active”. However, if there is no place (or motivation) to discuss musical topics, the problem remains as it is.
(Or if we are facing problem D, reviving meme thread could be a solution, just to keep the number of Auxy users)

So, what is the problem now?
I see lots of rondom suggestions here, but some of them I can’t see the purpose.


they all got taken down


And IMO,
the problem of “music promotion doesn’t work well”, is not caused only by inactiveness.

Certainly, I can see inactiveness for some thread in Finished track category (no comments/feedbacks),
but I got just a few comments (or none) also back in the days when the forum was “active” (1 year ago or so).
I think you can still find lots of threads in the past which just got 0 comment.
That means even this forum returned to the situation in terms of activeness of 1 year ago, the problem won’t be solved.

Is “music promotion doesn’t working well” a problem?
…yes it is, since this Disco is established to be “A place for Auxy users to share tracks”
If there is a situation where some music tracks are abandoned without being shared, that is certainly a problem.

And for one thing I was expecting to solve the problem, was FMOTW.
It was very effective to share many unnoticed tracks.
However, it doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know exactly why.
But we need other solutions more than just “making the community active”.


Just popping in to say thanks for the input! I’ve read your comments and started thinking about various ways we can take this forward. Will get back with some thoughts and an action plan eventually.

Regardless of how you feel about the community, I’m happy to share that Auxy is in a good place in general. The move to subscription has been successful and we’re now able to invest in taking Auxy to the next level. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline and I’m confident that 2019 is gonna be a breakthrough year in several ways.

Fredrik and I have been a bit absent this year due to some personal challenges, including having a baby and moving to a new house in a new city. Thus we haven’t been able to spend as much time on Auxy, which is why we haven’t been as active on the forum.