We need to fix the forums!


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I believe that this community has the potential to flourish as it once did. It is also very hard to shine a light to many people who have joined this community while keep discussions professional. I felt the original purpose of this community to share ideas, help one another, and express the love of music and the app has veered into a different direction that brought plenty of disconnect and lack of motivation. If restructuring the forums to serve the purpose it once was before is an option then I think it would be the best idea. If we want to share are music with everyone, share it with the true intention of helping one another and not for views. If we want to compete in musical challenges, then let’s do it where all can participate with the spark of competition while pushing the limits of Auxy. We all are part of this community because of Auxy. A very powerful and versatile app for portable music creation. If we don’t create an environment where users feel welcomed, gain new insight, and share their musical creativity, then this forum becomes like any other boring forum with zero traction. I say we simplify further our topics while having a more singular mainstream topic for anything major involving the app. Also if many people are saying they have song challenges, please take time to look into them and participate or have rising community members host a mainstream challenge, etc.


guilty as charged(im not the only one, however)






We don’t need to fix the forums, we just need new forums. Why try to revive this one (that’s already been dead for a long time) when you can just restart the forum? It would be a fresh start for the Auxy forum, one that it’s needed for a long time. If they were to do that and announce it in the app just like they did with this forum, then people will join the new one just like they joined this one a year and a half ago. I may sound crazy here but I feel like it might work.


I believe in a “reset”of the forums but why create a new site. If the basic infrastructure is already in place, just modify them and clear all topic discussions or a “reset”. Then streamline areas of discussion as to what I said earlier.


There’s still a lot of stuff on the current forum that people would like to forget about. Why not make a brand new forum in order to both bring new people into the community and bring back people who left because of stuff that happened here?


I never really saw people getting incredibly offended in that thread. I don’t doubt people would have been from time to time, but it wasn’t ever something where everyone would just rip on someone. The most offensive thing i could think of would be the “oh no it’s re****ed” comic meme, but those were pretty rare and i don’t remember anyone having a massive problem with those.

I tend to be the one to post memes, sometimes rather crass ones. I don’t mean to be offensive as i do “edgy” wow im cool. But if someone finds something i post offensive in someway, im more than happy to take it down.

For the most part on that thread things were supposed to be light hearted (like cracking jokes/roasting friends).

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How about if you see something offensive you press the flag icon? A meme thread might be vulnerable to have offensive content but that can easily be fixed.


What you think the point of the forum is might not be what other’s view the point of this particular forum to be. In general, a forum is a place of social gathering of a group for discussion and camaraderie. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have more interaction on here aside from Auxy. MisterMaster’s view aligns with this sentiment as pointed out by Arimyth.

When we actually had more off-topic threads and such, Lenberg was significantly more active and approachable on the forum, however that all changed when V5 released, and I personally noticed a huge shift in the way he interacted. I’m sure others noticed the same as well. I would much rather go back to the time when Auxy 5 was still in development and he felt much more amicable and approachable. When the forum was friendly and lively, and not this cold sterile “professional only plox” mindset.


Okay, why is everyone constantly disagreeing with Austin?

i sense an incoming reply from chip


I think its more him disagreeing with us.

I definitely see where he’s coming from, but it’s not as big of a deal as it’s being made out to be, and the pros outweigh the cons imo.


Because it’s fun to /s

Because his opinions are influential to others, and many will just agree with what he is saying unless another view is brought up. He’s an influencer, much like many people on YouTube are nowadays.


It’s better to disagree with someone because, I don’t know, maybe because you actually disagree with them? Disagreeing because they’re “too influential” is one of the problems with this community.


Kind of


I actually do disagree. If I didn’t actually disagree, would I feel the need to fake disagreement?

I’m simply pointing out why people will bring up their grievances against someone popular when they vocalize dissent over something. Especially when it’s a critical matter such as this.

(also, wanted to reply to you before chip did)


Good point. Sorry for calling you out. It’s just that I’ve had experience in other communities (and this one) where people have created problems before by “disagreeing because they’re too influential” and I guess I just don’t want that to happen here again.


Understandable. I’ve seen it happen before as well, and it is a common thing that Austin has brought up on why he doesn’t like posting on the forum here much, because so many people jump on him the moment they have a chance to. I wanted to point out that it isn’t necessarily a personal attack at all, but rather important to show where the other viewpoint lies on the issue, as many people won’t take that into consideration, especially impressionable people.


Thanks for understanding. Usually, people would call me out for saying literally anything on these forums. Thank you for not doing that lmao


Agreed. Nothing against Austin but I will defend my opinion and (even though it rarely happens) try to influence others to agree.