We need to fix the forums!


Yeah I think I agree. I either must not be in these chats or there must be some sensitive folks out there cause I’m not sure where this idea came from of all this “genre toxicity”. Seems like there might be more drama coming from just people talking about all this “toxicity” out there, then the actual toxicity itself.


Just because it happens other places doesn’t mean that it should happen here. I know some people that got really upset by lots of posts in that thread, myself included.


But the thing is, there’re so many “somewhere else”’s that it’s hard to keep us together as an Auxy community. Even the collective has non auxians and isn’t as inclusive to many people who are here.


I haven’t noticed a difference


I can assure you it’s been there. A few months there were like five different SoundCloud accounts made by auxy users which were dedicated to “low effort” future bass, following and commenting on stuff by people who made it within the auxy community. I don’t mean to say that it’s what will always happen, but stuff like this has definetly gone further than nessecary. I’m all for a joke or two, but not if it’s negative against someone you don’t really know.


This isn’t related to the forum though

I find that hard to believe. Were you not on the forum back around this time last year?


It was related to his comment about the forum, and there were comments about the same things these accounts said that were on the forum. :sweat_smile:


That pretty much sums up the situation accurately, honestly. The actual toxicity of what happened in the past has long since been left behind, for most people aside from those who still talk about it. Go figure :\


I think the difference is some were on the sending end and others were on the receiving end of it, (there were obviously people not involved with either side as well) which leads to some different perspectives. Obviously people on the receiving end of toxicity would be more upset about it, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen or won’t happen again. I can agree that it’s been minimal recently, and this forum has been pretty decent, but my concern is that when a meme page or something like that is opened up again, this type of thing will have a much easier way of spreading again like it did before.


It’s been decent because there’s been nigh zero activity. You can’t see anything unsightly in a dark room, and as such with a quiet forum, there will be no “drama or toxicity” as I’ve heard claims of there being.

You need to consider the benefits of opening more outlets for people to engage with the forum (by the way, everything except the meme thread would have no risk of such concerns being a reality). Regardless of what kind of reasoning people might say for the current state of the forum, there is a blatant reality which is that it is not working. An objective look at the post history of the forum will yield mostly finished track posts (with almost no engagement, by the way), a couple contests (with barely any entries), maybe a couple miscellaneous posts here and there. This is not what a healthy community looks like and is not how it looked before.

It seems like people here need to get a clear grip on what they actually want accomplished–because bailing everything out with the reason that “outlets for non-music related discussion have been removed in favor of discussing them elsewhere” while claiming that they want the forum to be a centralized place of communication for those in the community seems a bit like a moving goalpost to me.


Well said


I agree, I mean even I stopped going on these forums. My activity died down, and I don’t know why, but I haven’t been on auxy in a while. I do have a really good song in the works, but if im being honest, I agree with everything that was said here


Thing is, the janitors and mods aren’t here very much

Also, @Aqua I really enjoyed your forum games, the mods probably took them down when there were so many that they started to overtake the music-related threads.


Very true. I think that people here in general have moved on for the most part from creating fake accounts, although I really hate when people do that.


The conspiracy thread comes to mind…

I don’t want this place to be inactive, honestly! I just think the idea of it becoming more active in non auxy events is a bad idea. Say, if Beat the Clock were to start up again, I’d be all for it. If a thread about posting memes or something opened up, well, there’s more likely going to be some problematic posts, and that’s the type of stuff that’d be best to avoid. I think the point of the forum in the first place is being ignored a bit. (I know that more activity from the developers might help it’s growth in the right direction, but I feel we should be patient with them because they have a lot to juggle right now.) Regardless, This really isn’t a dedicated place for us to have all of our online interaction. Just the auxy part.


I think you may be slightly mistaken in that regard (at least in terms of the goals that were originally set during the conception of this forum–how things actually play out in reality may vary).

Below is a quote from MisterMaster in response to my request for official endorsement for the Auxy Collective discord community (which was created to “fill in the holes” that were left in the Auxy community during previous times, similar to now).

It seems to me based on the above statement that the goal is actually to keep this forum as a centralized place for general discussion, not just purely music based discussion, which would make the previous and current decisions on how the forum is run a bit counterproductive.


Agreed. I distinctly remember having some rude jokes made about me in the meme thread…not 100% but I think it was Arimyth ironically
Past is the past but I’m not sure we should go back, is what I’m saying. The forum’s a better place now, and the only thingI think could be improved would be challenges and the like which I fully support. It’s the off-topic irrelevant stuff that I don’t support.


As much as I liked Akabillposters, I don’t think his rants made the community a better place. Honestly, all the drama from various people ranting (me back in February) is what caused the beginning of the end for the forum. People left because of the complaints and the rants and just the overall negativity from certain users. The devs and the moderators probably got tired of all of the drama and decided they needed a break from the forum in order to refocus. Then of course, after a while, their inactivity caused many other people to leave. That’s how I see it anyway…


Was there more than just that one meme about wubs? Maybe it’s about time to let that one go? :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s been gone for a while, it just seems relevant to describing the horrors of the meme thread. That beef has been ground.