We need to fix the forums!


interesting how this topic has more interaction on it than pretty much any topic over the last few months


How do you expect us to bring in more users?

Also, the point isn’t to bring the meme thread back. I think you should re-read the thread.


Just a quick reminder, this thread is about making the forum enjoyable again, not about the meme thread


For the record, every few weeks or so, I come on here and listen to most of the tracks people post here. So uh, there’s that.


My main problem about opening all that up again is that some pretty toxic stuff emerged from some of those topics. Making fun of people for the genres they produced is a prime example


we’ve learned though, haven’t we? we’re big boys now.
and if any newcomers become toxic, janitors are here for a reason :man_shrugging:

(to beat them senseless)


For what its worth, you can take a quick look at the meme thread and notice that out of the thousands of wholesome, humorous posts people made over there, less than a percent of them at most incited any form of controversy.

Everything’s a matter of cost/benefit.


kinda off-topic (?), but it’s sad how there are 36 “finished track” posts a week when there’s been a drought of everything else


@Arimyth @aUstin_Haga I just noticed that your logos are extremely similar… sorry that’s offtopic


But you know


But that brings up a point: with so much this community of people has in common, why can’t we share stuff outside of music here? I mean we are not just producers (unless you litterally sit all day with your headphones in and are in Auxy 24/7/365… then I’d say you’re just a producer and have a valid reason for not liking anything else…)


We could just make a non official auxy disco.

Doubt anyone would engage there though


Wouldn’t be much of a difference though would it! : P


One important thing is the lack of community events.

One big thing I’ve missed from the disco is the official challenges and competitions. It’s hard for a community organized event to gain traction without an announcement from the community leaders (@lenberg, @MisterMaster, @icsleepers) because

  1. Many Auxy users aren’t on the forum, but they pay attention to the news feed
  2. The endorsement from the app and feature on the soundcloud brings more incentive to participate


As a side note, I’m honestly more interested in hearing Lenberg’s take on this, rather than people who are speaking for him to be honest. Especially when it comes to things like the feed and official community events.


Nope, I handed back my mop and bucket.


I’ll honestly just throw it out here now.

In the past, we had threads like the Auxy Conspiracy Theories, and while sometimes they got a bit out of hand I think that they were great things for the community as a whole. Interesting topics to bring up, fun jokes to be made, conversation and positivity pervaded most of the thread. Sure, while some people (I’m not saying I’m innocent here :\) brought about some drama, that’s not necessarily a reason to throw out such lighthearted discussion and interaction from the place that serves as the hub for Auxy’s “community”. Threads like What is your ritual when producing? are perfect examples of what should be encouraged. Lighthearted, friendly discussion and enjoyable posts to read and browse through. I’d much rather see the level of casual interaction I see on the AC discord on the actual forums, where it’s much easier to digest and doesn’t drain my phone battery like crazy.

Either way, whatever actually comes of this I doubt it’ll be met with approval from the devs, considering the sort of responses we’re seeing from those who directly interact with them. I’d personally like such personal interaction to be more readily available to the common folk, but it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon.


The internet is nothing but memes, why would that bring anyone new in or ecourage current users to be involved more?
I’m an antisocial and I don’t produce music for the public really. I use the forum for feedback which doesn’t happen ever anymore, so I present less to the deaf ears of a community that’s looking to make it big rather than to better their crafts.
The Biggest problem with older or growing communities is the problem of separations in to “clicks” and sub groups “not to mention the large range of age differences doesn’t bode well for inclusion of everyone.
So finding a common thread to get involvement with the whole community would be ideal. How to do that? I haven’t the slightest idea, I’m too quiet to help there.


I’m not saying that would bring people in. I’m saying that that was something that engaged the community, and it was removed.


I don’t see how poking fun at people for their genres is toxic. Because that happens everywhere else with any genre/producer. It’s pretty much the base for all the “how to make/sound like ___ in 3 min” videos.

I do see that there was some toxicity, but most of it i feel came from the devs dropping the whole subscription thing and then them taking off suddenly with no explanation as well as seeming to have little consideration for end user ideas/things we would like to see implemented/improved.

It feels like they’re taking the current “Apple approach” to Auxy. Good product overall, but 0 consideration to/from their user base Rip apple stocks


My point is that it doesn’t need to be through this specific auxy forum if it isn’t about auxy. You can do that kind of thing anywhere else