We need to fix the forums!


This is honestly the main reason why I feel that the disco is empty. It’s missing that sort of Brit humor that only someone as sarcastic as aka could provide.

I’m glad to see so many people think strongly on this. I was at work when most of the activity went down, so I couldn’t really weigh in aside from my initial post, but @Arimyth here pretty summed up all the points I would have said had I been available to say so.




Make America Disco great again :dancer:t3:


Lenberg didn’t create the forum for memes. Or for chat about other stuff. He made it for auxy, and auxy related stuff, and the memes and the off topic stuff was just a bit unprofessional I guess


Just because he didn’t create it so people could enjoy themselves and share things important to them doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be allowed. Pretty sure lenberg was in favor of the meme thread back when it first appeared, even making one himself, no?

Even if it wasn’t “professional”, as @Arimyth pointed out the general age group of Auxy is early teenagers, and can hardly constitute a professional environment. Even professional adults partake in memes from time to time, I for one am one of those “professional” adults.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have this place include things for people to talk about other stuff on as well, personally. I don’t see why some people are so adverse in growing the community. The community is what keeps Auxy growing and strong, and frankly it’s felt as if the app is dying along with the community due to the recent changes. More like the soul of the app is dying, rather. Nobody wants a zombauxy unless it’s October again xD


As fun as it was, the meme thread didn’t help me become any better at Auxy


Like many have said, most of us are teenagers/young adults. We’re in no way trying to be professional. We’re not advocating for a solely meme forum, only parts of it to be used for off topic fun, and that would also bring focus to more musical topics.


Well it wasn’t for mandatory viewing was it?


True, and to be quite honest if the meme thread didn’t return I’d be ok with that. I’d just like general discussion to be allowed once again, more in the casual way it used to be. Not everything needs to be about getting better with Auxy after all.


If the whole reason people were using the Auxy forum was to post memes, it wasn’t being profitable for it’s intended purpose. Now it is. The best way to fix the forum is to make new topics and discuss things. Don’t just sit around waiting for Lenberg to allow memes again. Because he won’t. Make a new topic, make a new challenge yourself. Sometimes you have to be the one to get off your virtual butt and do something yourself instead of whining about it. Idk who you’re waiting for to fix the disco, “you could easily help the Disco become more active by using it for more than just complaining about Auxy. Or just using it, period”(NotMiles).


We could make auxy disco not letting memes allowed into a meme itself. Problem solved


Official challenges promoted by the devs in the feed of the app aren’t things we can actually fix ourselves :\ And they’re possibly the biggest point of contention as to what could help bring back life into the disco as a whole.

And then there’s the problem that some people aren’t well-known or well-liked. If I, say, were to host my own competition, it would probably get zero traction due to my negative reputation. But, say, for instance, you or someone else big were to do it, it would get immediate traction. Just some food for thought.


Here’s a change, let’s talk about the huge popularity bias


People are making challenges, but the discourse is so inactive that usually nobody participates. Don’t be telling anyone to get off their virtual butts! No need to be aggressive for no reason when people are just tryna fix the problem.



Tbh here’s what I think.
I used to be quite active here on the disco and it was self promo than and that aspect hasn’t changed and isnt to blame I dont think.
I simply dont engage like I used to. To me auxy is a stepping stone to engage in more complex music. I still use it and love it but am on my way out of it being my only source for my tracks.

Simply cherish it but also realize nothing lasts. Ig idk tho.
I’ve used a lotta apps been active in a lotta community’s you just grow out of one and go to something new it just. . Happens.


That’s a huge can of worms that I don’t want to open up here, to be honest. It won’t really address the main concerns with helping to revitalize the disco.


That profile pic tho


Fr tho .

that meme is more enjoyable than most people I know


I would love to see BTC make a comeback though


Having run and maintained multiple communities, I can tell you with a great degree of certainty that this is not at all how to go about inciting engagement from community members.

An active group of people of course has engagement ultimately provided by each of the members, however the way you go bringing about said activity is what really matters. It has to be acknowledged that a community only has a certain amount of initiative and that the ultimate responsibility to make sure the community stays healthy and active falls on those who lead the community, not on each individual member.

There is only a limited amount of reach and influence that each member of the community has. It’s rather difficult (verging on impossible) for a community to thrive in the absence of those who represent it; look at any successful community and notice how none of them lack communication from their leaders and in fact have quite a high degree of presence from their officials.

An excellent example of this principle is the discord servers in the Discourse directory topic. Pay a quick visit to a few of them and check out the activity levels… and now notice the correlation between lack of general activity and lack of owner activity. Interesting, innit?

Therefore, I’m going to propose that we address the root causes of the problem at hand and assign responsibility to those appropriately responsible. This isn’t necessarily to say that the developers (who I presume to be very busy) need to take time that they could be working on their product to maintain a community forum. However, a degree of participation and presence will inevitably be needed from their end, possibly in conjunction with forum member(s) to share and lighten the load.