We need to fix the forums!


That’s pretty much what they already did from BTC 14 onward. I’m sure there was more to it than that, but at first glance that’s all it really appears to be as a whole.

With that being said, if that effort is not worth the investment, then I don’t think we’re really able to argue that it was worth the investment considering that was the level of involvement already had. As much as that comes out negatively, there’s no real way of saying it nicer than that.

Which is definitely unfortunate.


Hey everyone so I’ve taken it upon myself to help bring back activity. If anyone is interested, we have a challenge to see how many auxians it takes to remake Resonance by HOME in one project (hopefully a lot because people should be interested) and also a Mega Synthwave Collab In the works that is still open to members. I hope that these help the forum snowball back into it’s amazing activity!


Just gonna bump this and tag @MisterMaster and @lenberg

I still believe this forum needs changes made. I haven’t seen one solid reason why we should continue to let this place die.

If you haven’t already, please read my last reply. There’s still a lot to be made clear before this thread gets forgotten.


Things only change through community intervention. We can’t rely on solely “leaders”. We must act, ourselves, without question. Activity has already increased. Change is already happening. We just need to continue to enact it ourselves as members of this community.


Yes but not much will happen without the help of the developers. Right now it’s only the same users coming back. We need more people joining.

Also, the activity we have now will not likely be long term. We need more lenient rules on off topic posts for real, long term engagement.


The meme stuff is alive and well in the discord. I don’t really know it needs to be duplicated here?

That said though, I agree more things featured in the feed (contests, etc) will help with engagement. I’ve no idea what kind of work goes into updating that, there’s no secret that stuff that used to be in the feed got/gets A LOT more traction.

@Insolidarity hit it on the head though - leaders / janitors are simply here to guide. The point of a community (like a neighborhood as I alluded to before) is for the people to come together and make it a great place. Everyone will get out of it what they put into it.


There’s only one active discord. And I want activity here, just like the good old days when I first joined.

I’m saying there’s no truly good reason why off topic discussion was removed. The engagement it created is way more important than maybe a few bad situations.


Why did many other discord die?


Too many servers all about the same thing.


FWIW, the activity I’ve been seeing around the forum lately has been amazing especially in contrast to what it was as little as 1-2 weeks ago. Very encouraging as to what we can accomplish as a community when we put our minds to it. :wink:


I Know right?
I Feel like i need to check in to auxy disco at least once a day AGAIN.
Because i feel the activity has rised again and the posts are not just about self promotion.


The forum award nominations thread is kinda dead though :confused:


Yeah… what if we dmed people to motivate them?


Not really sure who I want to nominate this year tbh. I’ve listened to less and less Auxy music since around May due to graduating and moving into real life, so it’s sort of hard for me to think of who I want to nominate.


This thread

These people

They get it



what did he say



… not anymore


I think most blurred comments are meme enough


I’m a bit late, but all joking aside…

I recall first joining the forums after learning about Auxy. I was elated to find a group of talented, aspiring individuals who were united under a single, brilliant app. Everyone pitched in (for the most part) to make the community what it was.
There were people posting an upcoming song and giving friendly, constructive criticism on others’ posts. There were people volunteering to host amazing challenges like BTC as well as an impressive number of participants for each one.
Some threads were fun, some were unnecessary to the forum, but most threads breathed life into this community.

It rocked. All of it.

Then, upsetting things happened. Arguments arose. Individuals created more off topic discussions and the place became less organized. Less monitored. Controversial meme threads were removed but the forum was still not the same. Now we’re arguing over how to fix it. And the only new topics I see are feedback and self promotion topics.

Through all of the disagreement, we are still a community .

We have the power to change it if we desire. After all, who runs a community anyways? the people. If we want to see the forums change, we need to act now, and change it ourselves.

@lenberg, @MisterMaster, @icsleepers, you have been great at providing insightful opinions and monitoring the forums. We appreciate all your hard work and cannot wait to see the future of this forum.