We need to fix the forums!


You’re absolutely right!
Once upon a time we had better things to do than waste moderators time…



Not my point.

I needed a quick sure fire way to find out how responsive the mods are. The post was removed by the discobot, for being flagged extensively. Not the mods. I think this proves that the disco needs work. Also, where’s @MisterMaster? He should have sent me a msg by now,
Also thus proving

The forums are broken


Frankly, @blakkaz, I think you like the forums the way they are now.


It’s no secret that the forum is understaffed, so why are you intentionally spamming the forum as a “test” of mod responsiveness…? This is not remotely what this topic is about.


Not for this topic
Personal curtiosity and also
Changing time


Maybe you’re right man.
Either way those are just my thoughts and I hope I haven’t misrepresented myself in a way that offends anyone those weren’t my intentions and I think we can all agree that th auxy community IS special even if we disagree on what form it should take🙃


just trying to provide the other side of your mental coin :upside_down_face: thanks


Well, this thread started out strong. But frankly now it’s just arguing… we’ve made our point, and the mods aren’t responding. They responded to “DxdiAg bbggbbbbfbfg” within 24 hours and still give no indication of even caring about this. Tbh, I don’t think this is a problem with @lenberghad to get the tag in there somewhere I know I may be silenced like AKA :skull: on this, but it’s a problem with the “Janitors”.
They’re not janiting properly.


Just wanted to ask for some clarification here…

So, giving someone else the responsibility of hosting and judging a BTC where all you have to do is put two links on the app feed to the post (and then the playlist when it’s over) is not worth a continuous investment? I can understand how it would be frustrating and not worthwhile if, say, you had to host it all and curate it yourself like you had to do with BTC’s 1-13, but from 14 onwards it’s all been user driven.

200 entries is a lot of engagement and a lot of buzz. Considering most people that have apps tend to just sit those apps down and never use them again (see my iPad, 4+ pages of games I never even played after purchasing >~<), I’d say that’s a strong pull regardless.

It’s not as much on your end as it used to be, and I can understand that the turnout isn’t that large, but not everything should be results-driven. Especially when you have people doing the work for you.

That’s my take on it at the very least, I know that you want to prioritize other things and I get that.

A potential solution would be to appoint more janitors, I’m sure Mistermaster has his hands full already. I understand that it’s definitely important to minimize people’s feelings getting hurt, but that’s going to happen regardless. I think Sylent put it best when he said “We lack variety”. Even Arimyth mentioned this.


They certainly don’t need you making their job harder :\


I don’t think it’s that they aren’t doing their job but that it’s only 1 janitor moderating a whole community. Not to mention he’s been doing it for a while so I’m sure he’s been burnt out.


Hi Guys,

I’ve been reading this topic without commenting, to see what came out. Here’s my thoughts.

Random Threads.
I was in favour of keeping the random topics open as they seemed harmless enough providing they remained in the “random category”. But as Lenberg said, that just didn’t work. We removed forum games initially and kept the meme thread open, but it still lead to bickering, complaints, deleted posts and pointless off-topic comments across all of the forum categories, until in the end a decision was made to close the Meme thread too. I don’t think opening the meme thread is the fix-all cure for making this forum active. A much bigger improvement would be seen from forum members supporting and encouraging each other. Some of the most supportive forum members have disappeared, unfortunately, which makes a big difference.

Forum member of the week.
I ran FMOTW for 31 members, but towards the end, the community wasn’t really actively participating in it. It simply wasn’t worth my time to maintain it for so few participants. People who post saying “it doesn’t take much effort” don’t appreciate the effort involved behind the scenes.

Beat the Clock.
I arranged the Beat the Clock Rap Challenge with Goxenar, which was a fun challenge and the Easter Challenge. I really miss the regular BTCs, but they do take a heap of work to organise and I can see why Lenberg says that the ~200 entries is only a fraction of the Auxy user base. He’s focusing on things to benefit the full user base. We all like BTC’s, it just comes down to time, resources and priorities.

I’m a fan of AKA’s Auxy music and also a huge fan of constructive feedback, but when the negative feedback is highly opinionated. constant, repetitive and often insulting to the devs, then it’s not helpful.

Auxy Collective.
Lenberg has always been a supporter of community-driven activities. But our user group on this forum is pretty small, so introducing a new community like the Auxy Collective does suck some life out of this forum, which was anticipated. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that other communities form; it’s just a fact.

What’s needed?
What this forum really needs is regular events that make it a positive and fun place to visit. ie: give it some life and inject the missing variety that’s been mentioned in this thread. Give people a reason to drop in. The problem is finding suitable people with the skills / time to do this and then being able to leverage off the Auxy feed to draw in new members.

That’s my 2 cents.


That was the yeet we have been looking for


Thanks for chiming in! I agree with all of this. Let me also add that launching the subscription model reduced the number of active Auxy users quite drastically, for natural reasons. Not sure how much this affected the forum activity, but my hunch is that it’s part of the reason why the forum traffic has decreased. So keep in mind that where we are now in terms of size might not really facilitate a big and active community.

Moving forward, I see two options that aren’t necessarily mutual:

  • We (Auxy) should create topics and events that the community can gather around. For instance, instead of having an open Feedback category, we make official announcements for every new version and let the conversation about features happen in the comments section for each announcement. And instead of relying on people creating competitions we announce a couple of “official” challenges and focus our resources on making these big. We should also step up our efforts in featuring tracks and producers.
  • If there’s an interest among users to run a community, I would happily allow it to form without our involvement. I’ve seen this for other topics, such as the Operator 1 forum. A lot of the things you’ve mentioned above would obviously fit right into that model.


Just like a neighborhood. What makes a good neighborhood? The people that live in it.

A great example of a really tight knit community is the Audiobus forum. Check out the Song of the Month club. The format kind of stinks, but everyone who is involved shares their work and everyone leaves feedback. It has nothing to do with Michael’s involvement - the whole thing is completely run by the people who participate.

A great example of people having a platform and making it their own.


@lenberg , Can I ask something?
What is your original motivation to have this forum? What is (or was) the merit for your (or Auxy) business to have this forum?

You keep saying there are more other stuffs to spent time and money than this forum, but if there is no profit you are gaining from this forum, managing this forum is just waste of time.
I know this is kinda extreme, but i believe making clear of this point help understanding your business and help making this community better with limited resources.


The forum has been great for getting to know people who use the app and understand what people think about it and how they relate to music making in general. What I’m saying, though, is that we’ve probably reached a point where we need to take things to a new level for it to be interesting from a company perspective.


Thanks for immediate response!
I hope this conversation doesn’t waste your time.

From my perspective, presence of “official” forum is very effective to raise the appeal of the brand, so I’m happy that this thing is here.

However… why moderating (or censoring) instead of leaving it as it is? If the use of the forum is just knowing about people who use the app, making effort to censor their opinions doesn’t make any sense.
Is it cost (or time) worthy to see each comments and delete music non related one?
Plus, I (and I believe many other users) would discuss topic related to music and Auxy even if there are no mods. Yeah, I would post some memes maybe, but I would definitely talk about music and Auxy. Because I love it, and that’s why I’m here. I’m not sure music non related comments make users stop coming here, and ultimately stop using Auxy.
If the spamy comments impede finding valuable comments for you so you decide to delete them, I can understand though.


Love this honest opinion.
I’m really sorry that I haven’t joined some of them, and even said I don’t know why it stoped working. I should have considered more how hard you work on those beautiful introductions.
I know it’s heart breaking when you make a challenge with your deeply concerned idea, but nearly nobody join in. I can easily imagine that it’s really hard to keep trying in this situation.


I don’t remember much of that. But even the times it did happen, isn’t that the reason we have janitors? And for that matter, more janitors? (especially since you make it clear there’s already a lot on your plate)?

I’m missing how this off-topic discussion negatively impacted the forums. It kept this place alive, even if in turn it caused a few nasty comments.

Also, @lenberg what if you dedicated BTCs to someone else (people would love to volunteer), and all you had to do was check it over and advertise it in the app? Surely that wouldn’t cause much trouble. I realize that sounds very passive aggressive, but I’m genuinely giving a suggestion.