We need to fix the forums!

I personally expect this forum to be a place where I can get feedback, but plays.
As an amateur producer, feedbacks are important, and I need them.

Since we post our tracks on SoundCloud, you can let hundreds of people listen to your music by using method below
ex: put many tags, increase followers (by following many people), reposted by other big accounts, make an eye-catching cover art, add an eye-catching title (“FREE DOWNLOAD” or sth) etc.
because there are tons of SoundCloud users, many more than disco users.
(I’m ignoring the quality of the track, but do you think quality strongly correlate to plays or likes? I don’t think so, there are so many good songs which deserve many more likes and plays, in general.)

However, SoundCloud is not the best place to get feedbacks because

  1. Users are not intimate enough to give critical feedbacks
  2. Not all users are a creator so that they can’t give informational tips for creating process.
  3. it’s not easy to comment (UI problem, which is fixed a few months ago)

In the disco, all 3 issues are (or can be) solved, as it is

  1. warm community (I believe and hope)
  2. all users are a creator.
  3. easy to comment

Then why there is not much comment or feedback?
Maybe “Finished track thread” doesn’t work well to motivate other users to comments,
due to no regulation, as @Aqzi said.

I think this is a good idea.
It was used in FMOTW, as a user hasn’t given comments, they are suspended from the featuring list. and it seemed working in some degree.


Hey guys, good points raised here. I know I can’t talk as I took a lil break but here’s what I know…

@Auxy def loves memes. Seriously I’ve been involved in convos with him and memes people have made about him. There’s no way he hated the meme thread.

Things change and fluctuate. I’m sure that if people are committed and keen to get things up again around here It’ll happen. Gotta remember it’s been a massive year for Auxy and we’ve undergone some big changes as a community. Give it some time.

I’m not gonna say I’m for or against Aka, but I will say there were rants that raised good points and challenged ideas in a good way but also rants that didn’t seem like they added value to this community or the app.


Thank you for this input and welcome back!

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What happened here is the admins asked me to pull back on the tournaments so the winners could have more time to enjoy their victory and more unicorn events could be hosted. But I am in the works of organizing two new ones (one for this year bleeding into next year, and one for next year.)

Welcome back buddy. Having you around again will certainly make things feel a lot less empty (where’d your unicorn go btw?)

I think that it would certainly be a nice re-addition to the forum.

I’m glad to see that this thread has confirmed that people are indeed committed to helping things get moving again. It’s had a lot of changes, yes, and I’m sure it’ll get better with time.

That accurately sums up Akabil. To be honest, the rants didn’t always add value but sometimes there are things that just need to be said. For that, I’m glad he did say what he said. I think the two month radio silence got to him, and that sort of pushed his rants over the top like they ended up being.


I think it’s worth noting that akabill added more to this community than just a few strong opinions.

He was the creator and an active contributor in a number of great threads:


I tech too he could comunity come together in the past three days when this thread went from 0-133 replies. I have faith we can bring this forum back to glory.

What happened to aka? No longer active anymore?

True that, he definitely started some great threads


Pretty sure he got suspended from the disco.


Do we just want to go back in time when meme thread and aka was present?
Or, do we actually want to “fix the forum”?
Our ideal community = community of 1year ago?
Then why meme and aka was suspended? Didn’t mods do that to make this community better? Or are there other reasons?
Will this community become “active” when they are back? Will that “active situation” make this community better? …what is better community anyway…?

Sorry for questioning everything, but I still don’t get where is the goal of this discussion, or what problem we are “fixing”.

I’m neither happy or unhappy in this disco, but if other users (seems lots of users) want to find the way out of the current situation of the disco, I really want to help as a fellow Auxian. Yet, I don’t fully understand what we want to achieve, with aka and memes and tournaments.


This is the most relieving sentence for me in 2018.
I was worried about make him uncomfortable with Auxy memes even I made them with the intention of making other Auxian laugh. (I apologize to other users who feel uncomfortable with memes I made…)


I can’t speak to everyone, but what I’d much like to see is a general increase of active users in the forum as a whole. Like how it was before Auxy 5 was released, where discussion was a lot more casual and open. The closure of the meme thread was consequential to the new changes of “keeping the disco about Auxy” that I don’t think is helping the community out as a whole. That is how I feel.

As for Aka, that’s just another consequence of the new changes. His posts ended up too negative and so they were no longer acceptable on the forum. I feel that is a damaging precedent to set, as there will always be negativity and regardless of whether or not its spoken out, a festering negativity is much more dangerous and damaging as a whole. While allowing him back may not directly change anything (who knows if he even wants to be back after all), it’s more the principle (at least from how I see it)

As for the tournaments, they were a way to keep user interest and engagement in the forum higher. Same goes for the BTC challenges, things like the March House challenge as well as the Easter DnB challenge. Users are thinking (rightfully so) that more activity from the app’s feed will draw people back or into the forum, and that’s the point with mentioning them.

As for whether or not the community will be better with more people coming back, only time will tell, but as it is right now Auxy’s Disco feels hollow, a sentiment shown by a lot of people here. I hope that can change in the future with the changes that will be eventually made (again, thanks Lenberg for acknowledging the thread and assuring us that things are changing)


where is this link?

This is the directory. Mind you, a good number of these servers are inactive, as brought up before.

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Thank you so much for making many things clear.
I know I’m a nitpicking person, and I couldn’t tell if the “active community” is all we want.
I just want to help other users with effective solutions.

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No problem ^w^ I’m sure that it’s important to take a step back sometimes and get the big picture, which isn’t always easy.

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Well, I actually see the point of some implementation, but this is towards my image of good community, so, I was not sure. I… need… logic…

About holding tournaments. I think it’s really nice way to make many user active and interactive, which will induce more casual music related discussions. That’s definitely what we need. I really hope it works.

And, dat meme thread… As a person who spent damn long time in that thread, i can say that thread doesn’t make my music better at all lol, but maybe it’s effective to make casual relationships among users , which will probably lead to open discussion and collaboration easier. However, if the meme thread itself make serious users uncomfortable and not suitable for the concept of this community, we should come up alternative, which helps the user relationships intimate.

Super personal opinion

(Super personal opinion, but sometimes I fed up with memes which is not related to Auxy, as I tried to make only Auxy related meme. …maybe it’s same for others though😂)

And aka, maybe I have never discussed with him directly, but it seems he made lots of good threads and comments to make music discussion active, which I miss about. Yet mods needed to decide which is important, inducing discussion or protecting other users from his negativity… very sad story…
I respect the decision of mods, and now ranting (?) instead of aka, to make this community better.


Although I don’t fully agree on “lenberg said that, so we are gonna be fine” thing, I will stop complaining others if everyone feel relieved and happy and optimistic about the future of this community. My priority is other Auxian happiness.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean I don’t believe LenB, if I say “he will do something so we are fine” , I feel like I push all the responsibilities to him to manage this community, while maybe we can do something to make the situation better. I believe the bright future anyway though.