We need the old sounds!

Literally, they were some of the best sounds of Auxy. I have even made a list of all of the sounds from Auxy classic. Correct me if there are some I forgot or some that were not in the app.

Blast bass

Blender synth

Bloom synth I think it turned into the flower synth

Cone bass

Cross synth

Dice synth (my personal fav)

Dive bass

Dizzy synth

Doodle synth (This one actually made it into Auxy studio!!!)

Dribble bass

Drip synth, I think they modified it into marble but I like the drip version better

Egg synth (this one made it too)

Elevator bass

Evening synth, but I think this one made it as “canoe”

Flip Bass

Glimpse synth

Highness synth

Lemon synth

Lover synth

Lock synth

Lushy synth

Pillow synth

Muffin bass but this one made it

Nano bass

Prom synth (sort of a square pluck thing)

Puck synth

Puppy synth, but we got this one already

Run Bass

Slacker synth

Salt bass

Stomp bass

Sweep synth

Twig bass but we got it already

Wind synth

Boss Kit

Copper Kit

Level Kit

Monday Kit

Slip Kit

Sprint Kit

Sprout Kit

Tunnel(Old) Kit

ahh memories

In case you were wondering about Curved, purple, and oval, I actually recreated those because I found the samples. I found them in the sample dump on “what was Auxy 1.0 like”. Also tried to make drip cross and nano
Made some new demos for them too.

You can also find them in the custom sounds forum

Maybe try sampling some


(Might have to switch country or region or your App Store to access)

It’s not available anywhere