Waves - Mr Mooo [Weird EDM]

I’m very sorry @ST3R30 (I know that your not the the first person to name a track that but it was quite recent, so sorry.)

Anyway, I have finished another song for my album. 10 down, 2 to go! I’m nearly there.

Check the song out: https://soundcloud.com/mr_mooo/waves

Feedback is, as always, appreciated.

Enjoy! :grin:


Nice selection of sounds!
I like it :+1:

Btw, imo, you should give a reason why you name this track “waves”. I think that would be better than just apologizing unless you just stole the name or idea from others.

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That’s OK :slight_smile: if you think the name fits then you should use it. Ill check out the song asap.

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Well I thought I should name it that because winter for me is ending and spring is coming, and another reason is that the drops are short and sweet and then go back to the melody quickly, fading in and out from drop to melody like a wave lapping in and out.

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Lovely! I can feel that!

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And also, I didn’t steal the name, I had that name planned quite a while ago.


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