Wanting a better kick drum!?Need help

So after constant testing and practice I have found a way to make some of the kicks from the electric kick drum collection sound abit better, but they still dont sound as good as I want them too (see attatched image for how I do this - its a simple change)

I want a more distinct 808/909 techno kick, without importing samples (as I dont know how to do it) how can I improve my kicks to sound abit more professional?

If anybody was able to tell me how to import sounds etc that would be great. image

Are you on the subscription platform?

Why not just learn how to import?


Sample importing does not allow you to use the imported sample as a ducker, even if it is a kick. At least, in my experience I haven’t been able to do such a feat.

I’d take a look at the actual 808 kicks in Leviathan 2.



Just layer it with a muted kick so u can still add ducker

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