"VVVVV" announcement [NEW LABEL]

Hello, Thrashie here to make an exciting announcement! Me along with @foryou, @Matik .and @joshuatuworldwide. are Starting up a label that is geared to a darker atmosphere. [Trap, Hybrid Trap, and Dubstep Oriented] This is gonna be a stretch but im currently talking with the Sweet Tunes Team to see if a threeway partner with Sweet Tunes, and antisnare would be possible. [Unable atm] (but we have a supporter of our Label tho called Fuzzy Puddles)

Fuzzy Puddles : https://soundcloud.com/fuzzypuddles

Sweet Tunes : https://soundcloud.com/sweettunesmusic

antisnare : https://soundcloud.com/antisnare

VVVVV : https://soundcloud.com/vvvvvcollective

We hope to see this grow as a Label but also a different way to connect, and fulfill need for Unique Producers that want to expand while being at home with the auxy community!

Hope to see you guys There, Cheers


You can find our Discord here.


I would love to be on this label! Although i might have to make an alt account for my more ‘lighter’ releases…
Small price to pay if theres a place for my music to get noticed properly :face_with_monocle::smiley::+1:t3:

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Count me in boss

rip matik tag



Can I just pronounce this as “five”?


Is the name from the game lol

But I’d be down to try and join y’all if you guys get it up and I have something to show

sure that works xP


yea it’s pronounced 5

we’re also gonna talk to some bigger labels as well as sweet tunes

we already have our first release set up, we’re just waiting for sweet tunes to agree to the partnership

aight we can’t do the sweet tunes partnership cuz we can’t do live shows…

still we need all the support we can get so when our first release comes out, make sure to share it with people!


No reason we still cant support them, so ill leave a link in post, and i think we have another account that is willing to help spread the word https://soundcloud.com/fuzzypuddles

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Working in tracks :wink:

Pardon me but what exactly is a label?
Sorry if that’s a stupid question

(Record label)

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Well duh but what’s the deal with them… what’s the hype… what do they do

They release music of yours (that you haven’t released yet) and title it under your name. The advantage of doing this is that you gain much more promotion (if it is a good label hehe) and more people from different communities will discover your music.