Vulture & DJ La Rocca - Break Me

Here is an awesome track @Aqzi and I composed together earlier today.

Like the way you pull the bassline/chords combo short of the next down beat, near the start.
Nice little subversion of expectation. :wink:

Side Question: How did you get 200+ plays in 5 hours when it appears only you and @Aqzi have posted it (and you’ve got just over 100 followers between you – some of which are the same followers?

(DnB bots?)

I’m actually really curious on this aswell. It seems to be that someone is constantly replaying the song? Every time I refresh at about 2 minutes it goes up by 1 play.

Compared to my song Cureles Pain. Which has over 400 views (real views) it has 45 likes. This oke only has 3. And it’s blasting up every two minutes. I posted cureless pain 18 days ago. I don’t understand why this is happening either…

I’ve never posted it.

Sure you have. A repost is still a post. :wink:

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