VS collab with DJ LA ROCCA

So another vs Collab but this time with @DJ_La_Rocca
He’s track plays first and mine is second.

Here it is:https://soundcloud.com/dj-xlimator/dj-la-rocca-vs-dj-xlimator

Also DJ LA ROCCA has it:https://soundcloud.com/anthony-la-rocca-4/dj-la-rocca-vs-dj-xlimator

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Just vote. Btw @DJ_La_Rocca did pretty good job there :ok_hand:

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You did a better job :grinning:

Both are good! Neither are really my bag style wise so it’s a tough call. Rocca has me sold on the background blippy sound happening before the snare roll.

Both are excellent though it’s clear you’re both really comfortable with the app :slight_smile:

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