Volume? [Poll]

Do you guys play with volume to help your track sound better or do you just leave it all at max?

  • I don’t change volume
  • I slightly change volume sometimes
  • Volume is very important
  • That’s the setting I use most

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I change it way less than I should


I put my volume for all my instruments all the way up. You gotta love those bass.

Cool though that means you should have voted that you don’t change it

Uh yes I did lol

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You do now but when I wrote that you had it at “That’s the setting I use most”

It shows you voted for “That’s the setting I use the most”.

EDIT: now it’s fine

Sure it does

I should definitely tinker with it more, but I put my focus toward lowpass. Unless I’m making some crisp wubs and automate the volume.


You earned a gold star

For phasing stuff gently in and out I tend to use low pass more, but for more dramatic stuff I like to use volume automation.

Volume is very useful for future bass :ok_hand:


When I use it, it’s usually for artificial ducker or other automation stuff.

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As an effect, not too much. To ensure the mix is good, yes.


agreed. volume wubs are better and crisper than lowpass wubs, imo