Voltt - Supernova {Remix Contest}

Hey, Voltt here. I’ve decided to hold a remix contest for my newest and maybe best track, Supernova. This is the first ever contest I’ve held so judging may take some time (depending on how many people enter). I thought it would be fun to hear other people’s spins on my song. The rewards are the following:

1st place - Reposted on to my profile, your choice of two free graphics (need a new logo, banner, crisp cover art?), and put into my next album/EP (of course you also get bragging rights :smile:)
2nd place - Reposted on to my profile and your choice of one free graphic
3rd place - Your choice of one free graphic

I wanted to differentiate this remix contest from other contests by giving you guys a theme to work with. I want you guys to create the most hard-hitting drop you can possibly do in Auxy with this remix. (Keep in mind the track should still sound balanced, just super powerful, just like a supernova is. The remix must:

-have at least one insanely powerful drop
-be no more than 4 minutes long
-sound similar to my original track

The remixes are due by December 30.

Below is the link to the track. Please don’t use the same song but add more bass, etc. Try to use the link as the starter for your remix instead of building of it. Hopefully not making this too hard for you guys but super fun and engaging! Of course, House, EDM, and Dance are all about the drop!

Link: https://app.auxy.co/projects/b1Ah3lbD8mkSeexad9qo1Q==

The cover art to use is below:

supernova cover

Have fun and I hope to see some insanely powerful drops!


I guess I’ll try

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Expect a chillstep remix!

Sure! Just make sure it has a powerful drop (idk how that would be chillstep tho)

I’m finished!

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Great! I will check it out soon

Reminder: Remixes are due by DECEMBER 30TH.

Welp…I guess Ekstrak is the winner since he is the only one who submitted a remix…GOOD JOB EKSTRAK


So there were 12 people who clicked on the link but one person actually did it…huh

not to be rude but this sort of limited my creative options, so i wasn’t able to do a remix how i liked it… >-<

and plus i am a very busy person and did not have time to start a remix


I could make a really nice drop if I had the soundpacks. :cry:

Oh. I see

Sorry, I tried three times but I couldn’t get a heavy drop to go well with something that sounds similar to the original track :confused:
But I guess the original track is already good enough and doesn’t need a whole bunch of remixes :wink:

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