Voltt - High Speed

Just released a new banger. Please give some feedback, if you could, because I’m still working on perfecting this genre. Thanks! Edit: I would really appreciate if you could give the track a like (certainly only if you liked it)

High Speed by Voltt

P.S: There’s a hidden object in the cover art. Can you find it? (It’s pretty easy)


Almost perfect. Just crank the BPM up to 9,001 and you’ll be set.

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Thanks though I think that’s a bit too much.

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In all seriousness, I like it a lot! I’d just suggest adding a melody line over it. It’s a little repetitive (I can’t say my music isn’t either) but I really like how driving the piece is. Keep it up, I want to hear some similar beats from you in the future!

P.S. can I have the project link to that?

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I’d prefer not though if you really want it I can pm you.

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the object I could find, additional to your logo was HONDA

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I really like the feel of this song. I don’t know what feedback I can give to you. Is the secret object your logo on the helmet?

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If you don’t want to send it that’s fine.

Awesome bro! I like what you did with be at about 2:10 in! Sounds awesome. And u used slot of cool basses and the pitch bends were perfect.!

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If it’s song stealing you’re worried about- you needn’t be. Stealing songs is a disgrace to the stealer, and it’s just totally lame. I just want to mess with it, but if you want the link to be a secret still, that’s okay too.

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Also thanks dude!

No I’m not worried about that…I just sometimes prefer certain projects as private

Thanks man! I really appreciate the feedback.


IMO the tune is a little repetitive, and I think a more complex drum beat would be awesome.

The choice of instruments is superb tho! Great quality. :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah i also think it was a bit repetitive but I just wasn’t sure what else to put in it :frowning:

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Just keep working on it! Once you make a good melody, don’t repeat it through the whole song. If you really want to get lots of plays and reposts and all, continue to add melodies and drum beats. It may take a while, but it’s worth it. (btw, if the melody is really catchy [kleuren, young, etc] it’s not necessary to add another melody xD)

This is a mistake I made in some of my old songs (now deleted). :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need some help on making better drum beats lol

Play around with stuff. I used to have lots of trouble and I still kinda do. I recommend listening to other tracks with trap beats and remixing stuff. Collabing with a trap user is a great idea too.

Oh, and remember: it’s important to be rhythmic! Add 1/32s, 1/12s, etc.

Check out my post on drums :stuck_out_tongue: :

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did you?