Void - iVORY [genre?]


It’s been a while.
Something I came up in 2 days when I was on a road trip.
Feedback appreciated


So here’s my take.
Overall, this track is pretty well structured, however in some parts it does get a tiny bit cluttered. Too many things happening at once can make it harder to vibe to so try to make things simpler while still maintaining the energy. I enjoyed the buildup and what you did with the snares, but maybe bringing out the riser sound a bit more can help make the buildup more noticeable. Also, this is more of a personal preference so do whatever you want, but in my opinion if the drop is too similar to the rest of the song, it can make it feel a bit repetitive but i still enjoyed the vibe you were going for. Other than that I think the track is pretty well done. Good job :slight_smile:


Yeah alright. Thanks for your input!
Will work on it.