Vocal Samples

Ok i think many of us would love to see vocal samples on their tracks.And i couldnt find any free singing sample and vocals.I need singing vocals so much.Post them under here if you know or have any so it will be easy and helpfull for everyone.

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I don’t know where you can find any free vox samples, but I do sing, if that helps.

Here’s a sample of my singing in a @Xicon track:


Your voice is so good!
But i dont know if there is any way to put an emotional 2 bar sample in this song can you do that? You dont have to sing fully just tell me if you can match a few words with the songs?
Its really okay if you cant because i just got the premium and its 2AM = Low quality production lol

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If you don’t mind releasing your tracks as Creative Commons then there’s always ccmixter.org … plenty of a Capellas on there, but make sure you understand what it means to make your tracks available under the Creative Commons, and how using CC samples affects the licensing of your track.

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I don’t use Auxy. I use Ableton, so I can sing over your track.

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Calendar Girl :smirk:

I know three instruments that secretly includes voices in them.
Silk, just put it at half low pass and fill up the shape and tone.
Flamingo has vocal chops, but it’s a little hard to hear due to its bass. Just fill the tone and shape.
Tonsil is no surprise.


Why are you here, on the Auxy discourse, if you don’t use Auxy?


I misspoke.
I don’t use Auxy to mix tracks. I use Ableton Live.

And actually, I only use Auxy as a tool. I don’t make songs with it. I bounce the loops or MIDI to Ableton Live and make the song there.


I’m sure there are thousands of free vocals online, and there are also tons of vocal samples. Depends on what you’re looking for and how hard you look. If you want a sample for your track:


It’s a popular practice to play a melody or something with vocal samples in like a bridge, for example.

But if you’re looking for a full song you want to write and someone to sing, look for a vocalist.


Thanks ill check it out

Ill check that site out