Vocal Sample Pack Out Now


DM for the link. $5 a pop. Some of my vocals chopped and sliced for you guys’ music

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Gotta say, not a great promo for a vocal samples pack — the first use of vocal sample doesn’t appear until the last quarter of the promo track.

It should be heroing the vocal samples from start to finish, showing the variety in options* and how they could be used.

* How many samples in the pack? You only seem to demonstrate 4 samples in your promo audio.

You’re basically asking people to put down $5 based on a preview of only 4 samples and no idea of how many more there are in the pack. :woman_shrugging:

Re: the track underneath

Is that bass+piano loop a 3rd-party loop/sample or something you created from scratch and chopped up?
Really loving the vibe of the loop underneath.


There are 25 samples

And you only use 4 for just a promo? You could’ve used the whole pack so it can be fye.

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Are you going to update the promo audio to showcase more of the samples?

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And make it more fire? (You might need help. So please dm me for that.)