Vintage - Trey [Lo - Fi, Trap hybrid]
Here you go, my first Auxy 5. It’s cool so listen to it. :laughing:This is actually my first song with an 808 bass so tell me how I did with it too!
As always thanks for the support and feedback!

Also I’ve probably once again misidentified the genre so please help if you can figure it out.


-watches tumbleweed fly desolately in the distance-

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im sorry but i dont know what vintage music is…

def some kinda hybrid trap/lofi

Really solid work here! love the drums and all the little precision bits you threw in.
Nailed that 808 bass btw bro :wink:


Super cool! I’d say this is trap/lofi, more trap then lofi. Lit drums and bass! But not only that, you nailed the melodic elements! Great work.

Thanks guys!

Totally unexpected thank you so much!