Viewers Edits #4

Hey guys! Welcome to the 4th and final episode for the viewers Edits series. Because of the new update, many users will be left otfine causing the challenge to be unfair. But the challenge may re appear in the future.

To conclude the series I’ve built a nice chord progression which I’m excited to see what you can do with :slight_smile:


I will enter this time for real


Wait till I show you mine :wink:


Here you go, check out my drops plz :joy:


@AnirudhKhanna Dang dude, that 808 was sick.

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Thanks For your entry. I’ll be checking soon

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Really nice
You should get the subscription



Sorry I had to rush through it, but I think it turned out pretty good

Aw I’m scared out of my mind now that I might not win because

  1. Graye’s track is awesome
  2. He has the subscription
  3. He’s a god
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Haha :joy:
Your tracks kinda awesome tho

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Finally got my soundcloud :weary::weary::weary:

Here’s the p file too

Dude ur an inspiration :joy:

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You are lucky that it’s delayed

I know thank you but I commented on your vid too like normal ;((

ill give it another go

im assuming its too late to submit? Because i was an idiot not to see when the deadline was so i have a song i actually worked hard on and now it probably doesn’t count.

Way too late. But u can post the song using (ft DJ La Rocca)

Ok thanks a lot. Ill be sure to have a link to your profile in the songs description. Ill also send the link here when i do.

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Awesome, goodluck mate

Wait what should i name it? Also would you like to listen to it first?