Video Game Type of Music ( Collaboration )

KirkLurkPU, might put your name here - Game Over ( title might be changed )

For the final song before I release my EP, I want to collaborate with anyone ( either newb or pro ), and you will see my idea for a video game retro vibe in this song. The chord progression is very easy, it’s just C major, then G major.

We will only use C, Am, F, G as chord progression when we’re at the bridge and chorus part. It could be used for the rest of the song after intro.

If you just want to use this project to your own liking, it’s totally fine.
This proposal project only presents the intro for it, so you can get the gist of it.

Here is a simple rule :

  • If you’re going to return the file make sure you add one value to the side.
    For example : “KirkLurkPU - Game Over ( Edit 1 )”. When I give it back, it will be “KirkLurkPU - Game Over ( Edit 2 )”. That way, we can disambiguate if the file is the same or not.

After it’s complete, it’s just going to go through the process of mastering to add more FX and other stuff we might put that isn’t in the system of Auxy.
I’m excited for working with people! :hugs:


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I like it! I’m definitely getting video game vibes. I would love to collab on this!

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So this is gonna be our first time collaborating? Nice. Just let me do my homeworks first, school is annoying. I’ll send you an “endoskeleton” later.

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KirkLurkPU - Game Over ( Edit 1 )
Here is the endoskeleton, now we just have to add flesh to it.
The Sweet Saw on verse 1 is only an indicator for the ff. chords.
Just remember to put ( Edit 2 ) after passing it to me. Also, you might not want to keep talking in here. Do you have discord?

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Yeah I do have a discord! It’s:
Ben Vacca#8901