Video Content Ideas?

So I’ve been trying to record a video for a while now, but I haven’t been able to do anything that feels worthwhile. Any things you guys want me to make a video on?

I’d like to see, like, screen recordings of you working on a song for a challenge.

Like for example one of your followers comments “make a song in 10 minutes” and you release a 15-min video of you making the song, and then the finished Produk(t).

And then someone else comments a challenge… and the cycle continues!

Idk that was my idea

You could do a video on creating album art :thinking:

Explore different genres with a new co host every video who is an expert in the genre the video is about.

i thought you were making a series on drum kits

and a series on remixing viewer beats


Show me the ways of making melodies you think of in your head, I think of really cool things but can’t execute it the way I intending

U can remix one of my “beats”
For ur next one

Make a song with no volume - as in turn your volume off. I’ve seen a lot of YT musicians do this - it’s pretty fun to watch