Vertigo - Twizard and Jax (dnb)

I’m happy to release a track again. This time with @Jax and I really enjoyed to make this drum and bass track


Awesome! Had fun working with you on this!

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I like this song, from what it sounds like, you two are a good match for collaborations.

But, unfortunately, I do have some criticism for this trak.

One notice that I have to point out is that the trak is mostly repetitive, using the same melodies and having the same drops. One criticism that’s atleast in my opinion is that the drops are near-to identical. Say, next time, if you two would collab on another project, which I totally recommend, I would make the drops have a different variant than each other. For example, I would have the second to be more hardstep than the first drop. I don’t know, that’s what I think.

Overall, 8/10,would listen again. :+1:


Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad that you like it!

Thanks for the feedback!

nice. much melodic. Tho I do wish for a drum n bass track, the drums would have a bit more punch to them. Also I wish the bass was a bit more complex than just what felt like a straight sine wave. maybe a different instrument that has a bit more “grit” to it if that makes sense.

Overall, still think it’s a pretty good track and the collab between u guys is really good. So hope to see more collabs from u 2 in the future