Vertices (ICS’ Icosahedron Remix) - Lowey [Electronic, Chill]

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@lowey Thank you for giving me the opportunity to remix this, it took two tries but second time’s a charm I guess! For those of you who haven’t heard the original swing over here --> Vertices

Some fun facts: This is one of my less sample heavy ventures, only the guitar is sampled (and it’s split across three samples only). This song was originally written on Auxy 4 so, YES - those are OG drums with OG controls you hear!!

As always, comments / concerns / waffle recommendations are accepted. Thanks!

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I’m a bit confused.
Who’s track is this?

If it’s @lowey’s, then you’ve got to give correct credit.
It should be Lowey - Vertices (ICS’ Icosahedron Remix)


Original song is mine, I asked ICS to remix (to be included on an ep) and this is what he created. I created the artwork and gave approval for the track to be uploaded under ICS’s SC etc, and in return I’ve got the finished audio which I will reupload at a later date. I’m credited here and in the description on SC, can’t say fairer than that, and I’m not too worried about how people title their tracks on their own SC profile :slight_smile:

So it’s all cool :sunglasses:

Edit: I done fixed it all on mobile :smirk: basically just needed to fix title here and on SC. I think all good here, good lookin Nick! Thanks :slight_smile:

Worth noting the format for track posting here does not match the standard? (Song - artist vs Artist - song) - but anyhoo!

I think it would certainly be better to use standard formatting here too.
I would presume that many members will often choose whether to check out a track based on the artist, not the track title. Having the artist name appearing first in track post titles makes that significantly easier.


You should be. It’s another instance of how your work is being promoted.
There’s also good reason to keep all instances of a track (in this case the ICS’s Icosahedron Remix of Vertices by Lowey) using consistent titling and ISRC code (if you go for an official release).

It’s important/valuable to avoid having the same piece of music floating around under multiple names.

Another point is that licensed remixes* typically (initially) appear under the accounts of the original artist, not the remix artist.
(* as opposed to bootleg/unlicensed remixes)

They are sometimes later included on remix compilations under the remix artist’s account – i.e. when artists release back-catalogue compilations of remixes they’ve done for other artists.

While there are no unbreakable rules, the standard approach would be for the remix to appear on Lowey’s SC account, which ICS can then repost to promote to his own audience.

On other channels, such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc… it would appear under Lowey’s artist account.
(ideally with a pre-agreed revenue split between original artist and remix artist, assuming there was no flat fee paid to the remix artist previously).

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Beautiful guitar. Those are og drums??? Well done my dude!! Very chill, downtempo track. I could study to this if I was in school lol. Also, did you use Picsart for your Pfp? Just curious lol. Drums get a bit too heavy at about 1:30 Just my opinion, just a little slower would’ve fit better. Yeah dude. Beautiful track!

Uniqueness: 7/10
Predictability: 7/10
Complexity: 8/10
Use Of Instruments/Automation: 7/10
Feeling: 6/10

Overall: 35/50 Nice dude. Keep it up

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