Version 5.1.1 Feedback


Not exhaustive, but:


Also of interest:

If you have purchased a subscription to Sound Packs, we grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to all Sound Packs that are made available by us from time to time within the App for as long as you pay the applicable subscription fee.


2.4 Review: You agree and acknowledge that, although we have no obligation to do so, we may in our sole discretion monitor, review or edit Music that we consider inappropriate, that does or might infringe any third party rights or has otherwise been created/uploaded in breach of these Terms or applicable law.

Oh wow. Well I’m glad that me and my boy IVO didn’t get reviewed or edited xD


You grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license to use, store, upload, modify, reproduce, display and perform the Music…



I’m guessing that has something to do with featured tracks, but I could be wrong. It’s most likely a lot of legalese that will make sure they are protected in case something were to happen.


This kind of data is anonymous too. I don’t know how many chromatic loops you individually use :slight_smile:

And yeah you’re correct regarding featured tracks; Auxy hosting remixes of other artist’s tracks can be tricky legally. I hate legalese as much as any other guy, but terms have to look like that :face_vomiting:


I’m fine that it’s anonymous, and that you probably have to obscure what sort of data you do collect anyway. I was just curious if there was in fact any interesting facts you could share.

You may solely use the Sound Packs that we license to you for the purpose of creating Music, i.e. you must not re-distribute, sub-license or otherwise make them available “as is”.

What exactly does “as is” mean in this context?


That one’s a little odd. Seems a little overkill, legally speaking.
Auxy is a creation tool, not a publishing platform (which is where you’d normally see a T&C like that).

As a creation tool, it should be simple for Auxy to indemnify themselves against any use of the tool to create infringing works – e.g. by using Auxy to create music that uses uncleared samples – without reserving the right to edit user project files.

Even if it were, simply reserving the right to remove any Auxy-hosted instances of infringing works should be enough. Of course, they’ll also/always reserve the right to terminate any subscription and block any user.
(Pretty standard.)


featured tracks; Auxy hosting remixes

Ahaa, of course. I always forget that as I rarely ever look in the feed.

Still, I don’t see how they’d ever need to edit a user’s project, or even have any control over the final output, as opposed to simply reserving the right to remove any Auxy-hosted instances.


Pretty standard condition for content creation/publishing tools/services, as it allows the company to use any content (in this case, music) created using their software for marketing purposes.

(Auxy SC reposts are covered by SC’s own T&Cs.)


Are you tracking use of different scales/modes? (albeit anonymised).

I’d be curious to know the % of projects utilising Chromatic mode and curious too to know if that % increases as users experience with the app and music making develops.


The thing I can imagine this being would be to make sure there’s only a small portion of the song, if ever there was an instance where the entire song was made open as the demo project, as has happened previously if memory serves correctly, even in some instances where every loop is still available even if unused in the demo provided. More recent projects have had excess loops trimmed off, possibly by those terms.


Sorry, but I’m not quite following the situation you’re describing.

If there’s an issue with any user’s song/project, are they really going to open it (from where?), edit it, resave it and reshare it?

Or, in the case of an audio file, open it in editing software, clip out the ‘offending portion’, resave, etc…?

If it’s to do with revising demo projects, then they can edit that without the need for T&Cs, as it’s their creation.
If it’s a user project created by developing a demo project, then again, I don’t see what need Auxy has to edit that user’s file.

I don’t understand.



It made sense in my head. Maybe it’s just recommended by the legalese people to be included in case it’s needed.


Not directly related to 5.1.1, but I’d like to see an improved social media presence for Auxy. It will only help get more customers, which seems to be what they really need right now.


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The 5.1 Demo project sounds really nice!!! anyone still in 5.0 can u send me a screenshot of what the 5.1 Demo project looks like in the 5.0 version I want to see what its like


With the introduction of 5.1.1, most exports are now named. However, from time to time, the above happens. What exactly is the cause of this, and is it fixable? It adds yet another export cycle to my routine that I’d much rather avoid, and this isn’t the only time it’s happened either. It’s happened at least four times, if not more without me even realizing it.