Version 5.1.1 Feedback


About to re-up my sub. Your workflow has me hooked, though I’m not totally satisfied.

Imo, you guys need to consider:

  1. MIDI out again - so many people on the Audiobus forum (and I’m sure elsewhere) are totally gutted you removed this. I know I’d be using it to drive Korg Gadget (HATE that sequencer, love the sounds). You’re leaving money on the table.
  2. More features. Soundpacks are convenient, but tbh, I don’t really care. I can import whatever sounds I want. I want to see more effects, per drum channel effects, simple things like reversing samples, I know it’s been mentioned before. I know a synth isn’t really in the cards but I can dream. Just give us some more control.
  3. Merch. You guys are nuts. I need a hat and a hoody, I’d buy both in a second. I might even buy a tee (wardrobe choices where I work are very lax).

That’s about it. Whatever sound packs you put out, cool I guess, but think about catering to the users who are beyond the sounds and want to be super mobile. There’s a smathering of Auxy dads, and at some point, the younger crew here are gonna be thirsty for more features too.

@lenberg & @Fredrik


I’d really like the return of the old drum macro’s too. I know things like compression, distortion and sub macros were entirely dependent on the drum pack and stuff, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t have kept them in some form, perhaps even an option to change what type of compression was being used (for example, you could select Globe’s compression and Dollar’s bitcrushing distortion, etc.). Not having them feels like a wasted opportunity. Even if they didn’t sound right for every single sample, it still would have been better than not even giving the option.

Edit: And if this isn’t possible, at least unlock the ability for premium users to put them into projects again. We know they are legacy packs. We know they aren’t as good anymore. But we want these macros. They are important to some of us users.



There are still a few bugs outstanding in the 5.1.1, the most problematic of which (to me) is the broken Chromatic Scale mode setting (when set to Chromatic Scale mode, the setting doesn’t stick within a project).

I know you tried to fix it in 5.1.1, but the fix isn’t working.

Are you planning to fix it in an update in the next few weeks?

Just want to make sure this bug isn’t being forgotten or ignored.


Same for the creator name bug:


A few more issues to relate:

  • When editing a drum loop, if you drag sideways from the lower third of an empty square above an adjacent non-empty one, the non-empty one moves. This is very problematic if the loop is heavily populated and you try to use an empty row for scrolling and end up moving hits around.

  • When there are more scenes than can fit on the screen, if you try to move a scene beyond what is visible, the view does not scroll once you reach the edge.

  • At the end of scene playback, the view scrolls back to the beginning. I’m okay with the “cursor” moving back, such that when you hit play again it starts at the beginning, but this is horrible for spending time tweaking an ending where I have to scroll the view back to the end again each time (again, when there are more scenes than fit on the screen).


I’ve been in extensive (frustrating) discussions with Lenberg about exactly that issue.
They’ve tightened things up a little, making this issue less likely to occur, but he made it clear that they aren’t considering any further changes.

In their view, how it works now is exactly how it should work. They believe that in those instances where a user taps on an empty cell which neighbours a used cell, the user actually intended to tap on the used cell.

In their view, it’s a feature, not a bug.
In my view, that’s misjudged.


At the end of scene playback,…

My 2cents on this would be to either add a ‘loop’ toggle and then remove the ‘auto return to start’ behaviour (when ‘loop’ is not enabled).

…and/or to add the ‘jump to end’ by long pressing on the ‘fwd/next’ play button.

The ‘back/previous’ play button already behaves as a ‘jump to start’, so it’s just about adding the counterpart to that option.

(It’s another case where I don’t understand why this wasn’t added when they added ‘jump to start’. Seems like an obvious thing to do, to me. Likely to be equally useful/popular as ‘jump to start’.)


If they want to bring back two-finger scrolling, per green-icon-Auxy, that would be fine. But I dislocated half a dozen hits just trying to scroll around in a densely-populated scene, thanks to this. It’s curious – and fortunate – that they did not apply the same logic to instruments.

I’d be strongly in favor of a loop toggle, and while a ‘jump to end’ would be useful overall, I’d be irked by having to do anything extra to get to the place I already am. When I’m auditioning something I’m in the process of tweaking (like an ending), the fewer the button presses (and the easier the button is to press, per my anti-new-play-button crusade), the smoother the work flow.


Woof. Been there, done that :confused:


Auxy 5.1.2 update will feature three note width hit areas for all instruments and drums because people with big fingers need to be kept happy or something

I’ve done the same thing though, it makes editing drum loops a nightmare.


Oh, it’s the same there too, in my experience.
I’m frequently dragging notes I didn’t touch while trying to quickly drag-to-scroll.

If it was just on the drums, I’d be far less impacted by the problem.


Sounds like you have insider knowledge.
Do you if they’re planning on finally fixing the Chromatic setting bug?

It’s a non-trivial bug that’s not been addressed for months.


I prefer to call those Bonus Features XD


Not to spoil anything but…

In 5.1.2 they’re planning on removing chromatic mode entirely, instead you’ll be able to compose in all traditional tonic modes, not just major and minor. Also, oof is finally an instrument


Forgive my ignorance (my theory/knowledge is weak), but…

  1. Will one of those effectively replicate what Chromatic mode or will Chromatic mode still be available?
  2. Will Chromatic become the app default?
  3. Will the settings be persistent – i.e. new projects use my most recently selected mode


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Next, the campaign can move on to instruments for ‘zing’, ‘pop’, ‘fire’ and ‘standout’. :wink:


Not forgotten or ignored! Releasing an update just always comes with some risk of breaking new things, so we’re not in a rush to fix the smaller issues that affect a very low percentage of users and in a not very serious way. Hope you understand :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update. Always appreciated. :+1:

Q: How are you tracking that a certain bug only effects a very low percentage of users? (Is that based on the # of bug reports?)

(Have you thought about pushing out smaller, but more frequent updates, perhaps to address specific bugs/issues?)


Something to think about in terms of end-user QOL is how far a small bug fix can go as far as user experience. I’m not an expert by any stretch in terms of the inner workings of Auxy, but certain seemingly low risk potential bug fixes like enabling projects to retain their chromatic setting when set would appear to be very worth pursuing, unless it would actively undermine and prevent you from working on significantly bigger tasks.

(Similar to @akabillposters…) I’m also curious as to what your metrics are for determining what percentage of users are affected by a given bug or the severity in which the bug affects user experience (this is extending more generally in terms of bug reports, not just this one). I would think it hard to obtain such data especially to an accurate degree and/or containing a sufficient sample size, which would also limit the effectiveness of determining which updates are best to focus on based on this data alone (or to a significant degree).


Fixing it as part of a release carries very little risk, but an update in itself always has some risk. We track things like chromatic loop usage in projects, so the sample size is the entire Auxy user base :slight_smile:

Appreciate the passion about this and I’m sorry for the inconvenience of having to re-apply the setting!


It’s still better than the usual amount of data tracking that takes place through people like facebook. Out of curiosity, is there anywhere we can read what exactly Auxy tracks though @Fredrik?