Version 5.1.1 Feedback


It would be great if somewhere in the loop settings menu we could set how many beats per bar, i.e. time signature. Everything is 4/4, And one can manage to do stuff in 3/4 time, but anything else is highly problematic. You could keep 4 beats to the bar as the fallback format, but kind of like chromatic scale, it would be nice to have an option to set five or seven or nine beads to the bar, that way it would be possible to do polyrhythms


I agree. This would be a really nice feature.


Double-checked, and the chromatic loops setting not sticking is definitely still a problem.


Pretty sure the automation for pitch on Kiss is only “broken” because most of the sound is actually white noise with a faint ADSR-controlled sine wave that barely has any decay and has no sustain.

Checking the instruments out, this could be, in the case of Runner at least, having to deal with the way the sound is routed through a stereo expander. For cinema, this could have to do with the large amount of chorus applied to the instrument (As @akabillposters has pointed out, effects like reverb, chorus, delay, etc. are not panned with the slider) interfering with the pan.

Both of these instruments have stereo expanders, which could explain the effect (as noted with Runner).

The filter for Telecoms starts at 165 HZ, which could explain the glitchy effect. This is most likely to do with the resonance on the filter as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if these things could actually be changed without changing the entire instrument, which would be a problem for some people who used it and had a specific sound they wanted with it. Although, a possibility could be to create a “corrected” preset that doesn’t have the features.

As for nitpicks,

This has always been an issue. It’s why I always make sure to add empty bars at the end of my project just to be sure.

None of the pianos were sampled as far down as A0, their range only extends to approximately A or A#1, depending on the piano. This would require a rewrite of the entire instrument.

This was a purposeful decision to prevent people from utilizing the old drum kits without a subscription and to encourage the new drum system. Although, to be honest, it’s really user-hostile and prevents old effects (like compression or distortion which we no longer have) from being utilized. Which is very sad.

As for my personal thoughts, I’m still sticking with 5.0 until I am comfortable with the new interface on my phone. I don’t like the new changes, and the over-engineered solutions do not appeal to me in the slightest. I can sacrifice 300bpm for a more familiar environment.


In C, they go down to C1, just 3 half-steps away from A0, so it shouldn’t be difficult to share whichever sample C1 is using. That’s what I effectively do via pitch automation, but it requires an extra instrument and is a pain.

I agree with you on the glitchiness in Telecoms. It’s nice to have some grit in the app and it would be a shame to break projects that capitalized on it.

I didn’t follow your logic on Kiss, as there’s little more easy to modulate than a sine wave (what it sounds like with shape and tone cranked up). How are you able to see the juicy details in these sounds?

If basic functions such as pan and pitch do not work with an instrument for some reason, a user should not be given the provisions to change or automate them.


Oh, right. That would, however, require another separate interface for inputting notes on the screen for pianos only.

Black magic and a human sacrifice. Also a little help from some friends, really. I can try to explain Kiss better in PM.

But that would require changing the way the instruments load the pan macro, because currently, that’s hard-coded in there along with the high pass filter, the ducker and the volume macros. Each instrument self-defines the other macro sliders, meaning that an entire rewrite of the entire preset library would be in order to do such a thing.


Hey Auxy team. Tornait here.

There’s a problem with the ‘all loops Chromatic slider. Every time I exit out of the settings, it resets. It’s really upsetting because I love using chromatic scales. It helps me a ton. Pls fix this bug, please!


Seconded. Or thirded since @akabillposters mentioned this in the other thread, and I mentioned that there are fewer notes in the view as well, for ipad, which means way more scrolling and for piano stuff. Needs a vertical zoom out.


Thanks! Will fix.


yes please, it’s pretty annoying, stops my creativity urge and i exit.
it doesnt just need to enable it. its bugged, it needs to be turned off and on about 2-3 times to enable chromatics again.


Have a stack of recent posts been deleted from this thread?

I’m pretty sure I recently posted here about the Chromatic setting still being broken in 5.1.1, but it’s not here now.

What’s happened?


I see now that some posts have been merged, but aren’t placed in the correct chronological position.


When I import a kick sample, other instruments with ducker aren’t affected.

This makes sense, because Auxy can’t tell if a sample is a kick or not. Maybe there should be an option in the sample settings for whether a sample should count as a kick and affect the ducker?


yikes :grimacing: there should be some way to label samples as kicks


Good call here! Maybe an option to say “this sample is duck source”

Never noticed but yeah, this is crucial…





Or u kno, u could just teach kids how to read a clock. I learned that stuff in 1st grade : /


“The current generation aren’t as good at reading the traditional clock face as older generations,” he told The Telegraph.

Get off my damn lawn :older_man:t3:


Teenagers… I literally grew out of being a teenager (if you count 19 as still being one) only a few years ago now. That’s not even a few years behind me… just… wow.

The amount of hand-holding required for the future really frightens me… I mean sure digital is faster to read but it’s not like it’s the most efficient either. There’s no excuse… just wow.


This is a lil OT, but I was also told schools no longer teach script/cursive writing anymore.


More OT, I’d like to see more textural / evolving sounds (or sounds that evolve via parameters that are automatable). Stuff in the ballpark of Absynth or Crystal.


To be honest I’m glad cursive writing is gone. It’s the most useless thing ever. I know it’s important for signatures, but for people like me who are left handed it is way messier and gets everything dirty. Just like regular writing does, but not to the same degree since you aren’t having to drag your hand constantly across the graphite as you write.

But still, it’s scary to think.