Version 5.1.1 Feedback


There are many great improvements in this and the last update, especially loop labels and repaired scene labels, and I’m very happy with the subscription sounds. I’m really trying to adjust to the new layout (iPad), but a few things inhibit work flow on the kind of stuff I’m doing.

Play button size/location

I didn’t realize how much I used the play button until it had moved, shrunk, and had its outer-ring bar counter removed. I spend a lot of time restarting over and over from a given point in the loop editor, while getting chord progressions or polyphonic voices right – with and without soloing. It is equivalent to the space bar in a DAW, and I would be similarly thrown off if, say, Pro Tools or Logic decided to switch to the ‘b’ key instead. It’s a smaller, farther away, and less-peripherally-visible target now, especially without its ring.

Play button scene bar counter ring

When mixing live/processed acoustic piano with Auxy, in ambient music, there’s no longer a way to know precisely where you are in a scene – so as to know when to come in. Also, the dots indicator in the loop editor is difficult for me to grok at a glance, vs. what was on the play button.

Scene bar count/offset indication

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m middle-aged now, and my eyesight isn’t perfect. With a programming job and kids, most of my music time is late night, when my eyes are already tired to begin with, so I keep the brightness down low. While the 5.1.1 indication is clearer than 5.1, at a glance I still can’t see an immediately-discernible difference between 3 and 4, or 7 and 8. I end up using the label for indicating the bar count + offset, which requires maintenance as I change things around. I have a music/math brain, that “does” numbers, and losing a concise and precise indication has been a step down in terms of keeping track of song structure. I recently spent a week using the old (green icon) Auxy, and loved seeing the clear bar/beat indicator that you get while recording; I missed having a play button but being able to loop a single bar helped immensely.

Last, I always put an empty scene at the end to make sure the 'verb trail doesn’t get cut off (which it does without it), and now there is no indication of how many bars are there.

Broken stuff

  • Kiss pitch automation
  • Runner pan
  • Cinema pan
  • Grain and Chalk (pianos) pan – unless these are intended to be explicitly monophonic
  • Telecoms low-pass glitchy at/near full counter-clockwise


  • Chromatic should be able to be selected as the default for new projects
  • I don’t like that the scene progress bar is discontinuous now (would benefit from some kind of bar/scene markers in either case, like 1px vertical stripes in a different color)
  • Export is awkward to get to in settings
  • Reverb trail gets cut off too soon
  • Need a real time counter (Auxy Music Creator had one in the playback)
  • Would be so nice to be able to custom configure the layout
  • In the key of C, would be great if the pianos went all the way down at least to A0
  • Single-bar playback in the loop editor would be great
  • Unable to change drum kit (even among originals) on really old projects

General concerns

This app has the potential to be a very professional tool. I would feel better knowing in advance when and what features are going to be moved or removed, absent the opportunity for specific feedback first. I’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of Auxy I would probably keep a subscription for a few years (regardless of whether there were new/good sounds), out of gratitude alone, but if there were another update like 5.1 I would likely wait for a less-unfavorable-to-me redesign to come along in the future before upgrading.

Auxy 5.1.0 Update/Feedback



Nevermind. My iPad was being stupid (It does this all the time now with the redesigned iOS 11 app store. It’s garbage)

5.1.1 has been out for about a week or so now.




Seconded. Hopefully the lesson has been learned from what happened last time in regards to removing things without prior knowledge.


They released a 5.1.1? I had no clue lol. Will update ASAP.


I updated this as soon as it came out. I noticed too the pitch on kiss was broken. Sad, because I love kiss


Oh, it auto-updated. :thinking: I didn’t even notice lol.


Fwiw, my middle-aged eyesight is still 20/20, but there’s no denying, the new UI is simply less usable than simply having numbers.

I understand the desire to visually streamline the UI, but the new bar count and offset UI is an over-engineered solution that’s actually less effective than the thing it replaced.

Sacrificing usability for the sake of being stylish isn’t a great direction to be heading.
I don’t doubt the team could find a way to have the numbers while still being stylish, so would like to see them revisit this.


I get the impression there was very limited (if any) beta/external testing this time around - which is a worrying sign.


Agreed. I’ve stopped using it altogether, so I’m sure there is a better solution.


Perhaps having beta testers being people who won’t be trying to be nice just in order to stay as beta testers could be a more appropriate solution.


I could be wrong, but I’m not sure 5.1 got pushed out to beta testers via TestFlight at all.


This pretty much sums up a lot of the problems.


Yeah it being a point point release the differences were not as glaringly obvious, some housekeeping. Suspect bigger changes would be in the realm of like 5.2, .3, V6 etc etc


Looking at the scene view again, wondering why the numbers couldn’t just be put back in place albeit a little smaller I guess because the scene squares are smaller. This update does help, but it’s definitely not as fast as looking at something like 18 and knowing exactly what the deal is.

I don’t know if this is true so take with a lump of salt, but it’s like when I’ve heard reading an analog clock face is faster to our brains than a digital one. I think I find that true in my experience, probably because you’re really just looking at the quarter hours and kind of have an idea what the hour is :man_shrugging:


Anyone other than me still experiencing the issue with the ‘Make New Loops Chromatic’ setting not sticking (within a project)?

Thought they’d said it was fixed in 5.1.1.


I’ve noticed the “make new loops chromatic” setting not sticking as well, within a project I had started in 5.1 – I’d have to double-check whether I re-reset it in 5.1.1.


This speaks to the issue I have with the removal of the analog-esque play button bar counter, which was especially useful when doing something atypical like having a downbeat on beat 2, which happens sometimes. Over time I learned to gauge where I was by the relative position.


Funny you mention it - I didn’t realize that was gone, and now that I realize, yeah - that was handy