VAULT1 - k bye EP
I never was active here, and I explain why below, but I wanted to put this out there. This is my last official public creation as VAULT1 (which has been a project I started before Auxy used the scenes mechanic). With it comes more words than you may want to read. I believe this EP encompasses what I am as a producer at this point.

Melodic Death:
I started VAULT1 as a way for me to make stuff. Of course, stuff would specifically be music. I made a Regular Show cover (which I bought a hundred plays for from a Soundcloud bot for too much money; to this day I feel like that huge number isn’t mine), actually innovated but sucked at it for a while, and then challenged my friend to a music creation competition (VAULT1 - ‘Contestant’, and I “won”).
Magically, VAULT1 was created in late 9th grade and I felt like I had two or so good songs to show for it. Thank you internet. Thank you Soundcloud. I didn’t think I could follow up ‘Contestant’ or ‘Leaderboard’, so I stopped. And then I started again come early 10th. We got our school iPads back and on the district controlled app store there was Auxy.
I created until the end of the year, took a break in the summer, and revved up the new and improved Auxy app I had downloaded on my iPhone.
VAULT1 the game was a thing, and I’m planning to remove all my reposts to keep this just about my chronology on this page (but I will be uploading all my extra projects and lost of cool songs I never put out onto that account).
More fun, breaks, attempts at projects, and music ensued and now here I am. I have no minutes left on my account so here’s an EP. It’s titled ‘k bye’ because I don’t really know what else to say.

I always thought Auxy to be a really lucky find. Somehow it got through the barriers of my high school’s lame security, and ended up on my iPad. No one else ever used it ever. Just me. So yeah, pretty lucky.
The way music was recorded back then was not by scenes, but by live mixing, and boy that was a blast. I’d set up all my loops sequentially and it would usually take me at least 3+ tries until I landed what I wanted.
I liked making epic songs so I think this song is a testament to that.
Something funny too was I’d only listen to dubstep exclusively to I was bummed I couldn’t do that, but turns out I’m so much more fit for a different type of electronic music. I don’t know what it’s be called so I always used the tag #Electronic, but if anybody has a subgenera that would encompass my chords and stupid crazy leads then let me know.

Bass Stuff:
Something that I had so wanted to be a part of back then was the Auxy community. Before the disco server where everybody was able to talk and collaborate, I wanted to be like lowkey close to Auxy as a company and people. They had a minimal amount of followers so I always dreamed of being on the front page or their Soundcloud or something. After a while I kind of had to give that up and stop comparing my music to others’. I mean for crying out loud how is anybody supposed surpass obexg? Kid’s got a natural born talent few others possess, plus a robust personality and it’s going to take him places as he improves. There’s no measure for better or worse, front page or not. Music is subjective, and there are tools to make you mix clean and powerful or chill or whatever you’re going for of course, but at a certain level it becomes truly subjective to the listener.
I dropped the Auxy community because I didn’t think I could keep up with it, and I didn’t think it wanted to try to keep up with me.
That’s a regret of mine.
All of you guys are talented.

K bye:
To Auxy: I appreciate everything you’ve provided as a space to create and express. Thank you for showing up in my life as simple yet powerful outlet for my music production ventures.
I find it astounding people would take the precious time of their existence and put that faith into listening to my music.
This is what I’ve been working on for the past few years.
This is VAULT1.
I hope you enjoy listening as much as I have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, producing in the years to come.
Thank you.

k bye


So if you’re not going to be VAULT1 anymore then… what’s next?

That’s a great question that I don’t have an answer to. I don’t know where in gonna be in my music career in 4 years but I do know I’m going to college. Hopefully I’ll find a good space to create with people.

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