Vanished- Van Shed EP (synthwave)

released my first EP a few weeks ago, i’d love to hear feedback!


Nice job for first ep!

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thank you!

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This is pretty cool for your first EP! How long have you been using Auxy?

Edit: if you’re looking for really good feedback on a weekly basis on unreleased projects, you should consider joining the Auxy collective and chillsynth discord servers, if you have discord. They host feedback streams where you can submit a project and get great tips on everything about it.

Also, @Peregrihn and @MrSerpent have both done some incredibly good stuff in the same genre and are great people to talk to :+1:


I saw this topic but foolishly overlooked it… I’m going to give this a listen in a bit

I’ve been using it for a few months now, but just recently decided to release some stuff. Thank you tho! I’ll be sure to check that stuff out ASAP

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means a lot, thank you!

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Welcome! Can’t wait to give it a listen!

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