Utopia Drum Pack - Thoughts?

Me personally, I was kind of disappointed to not get a demo with the sounds in use, instead was left to an empty project with the drum kit. I went through all the samples and can say for myself that it feels like all the other drum kits. To me, it’s another drum kit with some slightly modified samples from other sound packs. That’s my opinion though, what do you guys think? :thinking:

Btw made my own little mini demo


I’m loving the new drums kits (this, vintage soul, glacial)

I think the samples are really high quality, and as someone who always layers lots of sounds, I love having the variety that these packs give

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It is a bit annoying that all of the cymbal sounds are grouped together into “tops” though


Yeah, the inconsistencies between the way samples are categorized between different packs is kind of annoying


I love the quick rimshot-like snares in it


I liked the other sound pack from Origin Sound, and this one seems really good too. Can’t wait to use it more. :slight_smile:

Again, it shouldn’t take much effort to just label them as Ride-1 -10, Hat 1-10, Crash 1-10, etc., This would be very helpful, esp. w/perc.

seems cool for like neo-latin(?) stuff