Using Odesi and Auxy

Hey Guys

Despite all the feature requests that want more DAW like functions in this App, i like it exactly for the absence of them. It forces me to move on and get stuff done in a way no other DAW/Tool has achieved so far.

The reason i write this, is because i still struggle with composition, as it consumes most of my time. I found this App called Odesi (They are now called Captain Chords, but its a more advanced thing for Desktops).

The IOS Version of Odesi (The Desktop Version is also more advanced) is so simple to use. It let’s you create Drums, Baseline and Chords in a matter of seconds!

it blew my away like Auxy did with its simplified workflow of music creation!

The only problem with Odesi is, i have to export those Midi Files and then and import them back in a different DAW wich i dont want to use.

I just thought, this composer paired with the simple workflow of Auxy would be an absolute insane way of simplified music making.

BTW you can check it out, its free to use, but you can’t export without the paid Version.