Using Auxy and Garageband together

Some of you have mentioned that you use Garageband. I’ve never really used it so I’m curious how you’re using it with Auxy?

Adding vocals or other instruments. What else?

Vocals is what I use it for mostly

I’ve heard @HAYVN uses it for guitar.

If only it didn’t consume that much memory space though

I was trying to export an Auxy file to the GarageBand app, but Auxy didn’t show up in the list of apps to export from…

Do you guys know what I’m doing wrong?

It looks like you’re trying to open it as an instrument.

You need to export your Auxy project as WAV files and import into GarageBand via the ‘loop’ icon in the top right corner.


Sorry for reviving this (That’s me, STEREOFYLDZ, the reviver of old threads), but I had to answer this. I use Auxy for instrumental samples (if GarageBand doesn’t have it or if I can’t find them on YouTube), but that’s about it. If I can’t find a loop on GarageBand or on YouTube, I’ll usually import one from Auxy.

Off-topic, but you have an epic name

i used to use it with vocals now i know how completely useless it is