Use this project and make a track that’s around 60 seconds long!

You are only allowed to use the four sounds in the project link. No adding or deleting sounds. Other than that feel free to go crazy!!! Btw i added some loops already to inspire you.

P.S. Yes, this is meant for demo users to take part as well.

Enter by replying on this thread with your project link. Winner is chosen on Friday, March 15 at 9 PM EST. Have fun!!! :smiley:

Project link:


Sounds… familiar


It does? Haha i just used the classic 1-6-3-7 minor chord progression. XD


Ill try this

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Ok! This was fun:

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Whoops i forgot to specify the day of the deadline XD

This was fun
My track is…interesting

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Not 60 seconds and I know the deadline is over but I made this because why not

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Bruh the deadlines not just over, it’s been 2 years
Where did you even find this thread???



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I found it bcuz I was bored and looking for something like this to do lol