Upright bass samples

Does anybody know where can I download upright bass / acustic bass - one shot samples not loops?

It’s worth mentioning the bass instruments and guitar instruments in GarageBand iOS are pretty decent… the upright bass isn’t half bad. And the price is even better :wink:


Thanks for info…

Have I mentioned that my Mac was stolen? So for next month I am only on iOS. I have menaged to find workaround solving problems with downloading files directly to iOS. Also I have found software/apps for edition of downloaded audio files.

Anyway, even when I use Mac it’s mostly for professional work, if I do use it for something else than design it’s digital painting… That’s because I have tendency to fall into hobbies deeply and if I would start using Reason again I would start growing big library of samples, again collecting as I did varoious music hardware :smiley: … And nowdays I want to stay minimal with music - use Auxy and work on my tracks only on mobile while I have few moments of spare time between other tasks, things to do.

So is there way to export those samples from Garage Band on iOS? …I need only one shots, you know d, f, g, a, c from lowest key to highest, it would be nice to have few additional recordings of notes played bit rougher, slapped, with few slides, maybe additionaly few popular in jazz effects… But this should be done only with real live acBass.
I had such library of upright bass I have used it with Reason, (it was one of best I ever had, next to premium Yamaha piano samples and classy Hammond, nice Korg libraries, I also loved my privately recorded acoustic percussion collection made thanks to friend who was professional musician, we have jammed a lot with his friends, I could make whole album using only those samples) I might even have somewhere those DVDs (it took space of about 18 DVDs) but  stopped using DVDs and I have stopped too - so this backup is useless, also in work we have newest Macbooks so there is no option for ripping it off from discs.

I haven’t touched a desktop for production in ten years, I meant GB on iOS sorry!

You can export single notes out of it, it will be an incredibly painful process, but it’s possible and it’s free. You could use something like AudioShare to cut up the notes (instead of literally exporting single notes out of GB, will be a nightmare). So like you wrote, you’d be sequencing the notes, export from GB, import into AudioShare (or Hokusai I think you said you have) and then it’s just a matter of cleanup, save to Files app and pick them up from within Auxy.

I don’t know of a sexier way to do this on iOS, unfortunately…

Yeah, downloading files to iOS i such pain in the a**. On stupid Android that’s like on desktop, you just find it on the web, tap > download< and voila. On iPhone/iPad depending on website it can take from 2 up to 7 steps :smiley: … Anyway it’s better than it was some time ago when it was not possible at all. Apple says it’s for our safety, they say such horrible sandboxing keeps system clean and safe with our private informations intact. But I doubt it’s about safety only, I think it’s about keeping control over installation of new software. Same thing that killed Flash, Jobs obsession about controlling system and new applications. They knew that Flash makes design of new apps easy for everyone especially for graphic designers who used it a lot so they made rough move closing system for flash, and all flash based stuff like, games, apps, websites.

I was bit confused when they opened system a bit, but they knew it’s thing people want badly, and other companies give it with Android as standard functionality. Without opening iOS this way, it sooner or later, might kill this system leaving it as crippled toy not fully functional tool.

But unfortunately this intention to keep system closed for user as much as possible leaves clear ‘stain’ on usability, they are opening it a bit but still you can feel it was not intended to be this way. They should clean it up and redesign core functionalities deep in the system making it safe but user friendly. Now it’s a mess some aps can write data into shared internal space some do not, and we have to use workarounds. For such simple task as downloading files it’s big mistake. Premium Android phones show that it’s possible safe and doesn’t open systems for viruses and malware.

Hah, so many words for simple fact: Yeah downloading files to iOS is pain in the ass, and they should do something about it, because competition shows that it’s possible and safe. They have opened iOS a bit but it’s not enough, more to say it’s a mess, some aps share data on internal drive some do not and still are sandboxed. it’s mess to fight for such core functionality, given in Android for years. I hope they won’t roll it out it would kill iOS leaving Apple mobile devices as crippled toys not real multifunctional smart tools.

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