Uploading songs that don't belong to you

Hello everyone. I have recently noticed that many people have been downloading my float project from the feed, which is cool, but what’s not cool is that people have been uploading the entire unchanged song for themselves. This isn’t a project for you to post without changing anything or for changing one or two instruments and leaving everything else the same, because that’s called piracy and it’s illegal. This is why I’m cutting down the project featured in the feed, so that it is more difficult to steal my track. Also, it would be great if you would remix ANYBODY’s track with the title: (original creator of track) (track’s original name) (Remix) or definitely don’t leave out the artist’s name or title of original track. Please message the artist of anything you want to remix if you have questions or would wish to remix their track.

That’s all. Thank you!


It would be great if Auxy could provide licence options when sharing tracks.

The remix community that is forming around Auxy is awesome, until it isn’t…


I also saw one person download the Float project, change the name, and then say it was a “collab”. Which also isn’t cool. I usually try to change a good bit of stuff, but 2 or 3 times I haven’t changed enough in my remixes. So for now, I’ve started sending private SC links to the original artists before posting remixes of their track.

Also, in the future Auxy could post remix rules for the songs telling how people should form their titles and such. Just an idea.


They should definitely add that in the next big update because it would reduce the amount of copies in the Auxy community

This is a good point to bring up, but I’ll play devils advocate here and say that perhaps we should take responsibility of protecting our works. A “one for me, one for them” attitude might be healthy here. I’ve definitely got some projects that i will not be giving away. Because it is quite fun to collaborate and get all this inspiration when everyone is cool about it but I suppose there will always be those who just want a free lunch so to speak.

On the other hand, would it be nice to have a little more structure/organization to project sharing to cut down on this? Absolutely, I’m just not sure what the solution would be.


Just the thought that people do this is just disappointing.

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Wait till you start releasing music for sale. Piracy is the norm these days, unfortnately.

Man i had someone do that to my Megalovania remix a while back. Even tho after he published his i published mine and blew his outa the water, he still stole that from me. God me and a few others worked on that song and i was so proud of that. But he didnt even ask permission to do that. I had @sweetbeatz48 do a remix and he asked if he could. I gave him the ok and he even gave me credit IN THE TITLE. But this guy took that from me and published it for himself. That was a song i wanted to remix since i first got auxy and really needed help! And when i got help i also got it stolen. So this is just one story of many. DO NOT PUBLISH ANYTHING without permission from the original creator. So let this message sink in, i will see u all later, and keep ona rockin!


Thanks for mentioning me dude

Always man! You made me proud of what you did🤙🏼

:smile:Hey man it’s what I do​:v:️