Untitled [Trance, WIP, Project, Collab?]

So I really need help continuing this song. I would like it if I could use your help! Thank you! The collab has now started, so only post things for inspiration!

Link: https://app.auxy.co/projects/qYf-tbZRMmoBdqgKicCGZQ==

Wait? Is this song even able to be continued?

  • Nope
  • Don’t know
  • Possibly
  • Yep

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I’m willing to colab

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Should I DM you once you get down your ideas?

What do you mean by getting down my ideas? Do you mean I remix the song then we trade afterwards?

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Nope. I mean once you are done adding on to this song, you can DM me and we can start the collaboration from there.

This has started, you all may dismiss.